My family and I love walking and biking our neighborhood on James Island. We have lived here since 2000. Many of our neighbors have been here their entire lives. We like to think of ourselves as a mini-community. There is only one way in and one way out of our neighborhood.

Recently part of my neighborhood has become off-limits.

It seems a developer with visions of dollar signs has created a gated community within our neighborhood.

These new neighbors drive into and through our neighborhood, and then into a place where they can continue to travel but we no longer can.

Can you really just install a high-dollar security gate, loaded with cameras to boot, anywhere you choose?

This isn’t Kiawah or Seabrook Island. It’s Lighthouse Point subdivision. I understand, though don’t find desirable, the exclusivity of gated communities.

Gates within our mini-community only build anger, animosity and a wish that these folks weren’t so afraid of the people who live around them.

We want to embrace our new neighbors. We have an annual neighborhood picnic. They could be included.

Seems these 27 future neighbors just want to keep us, and all other undesirables, out.

Lisa Morris

Creekside Drive

James Island