Uphold rule of law

If you’re like me, your eyes may glaze over at another letter or report regarding the Sullivan’s Island Elementary School lawsuit.

But they shouldn’t!

The key issue in this battle is the people’s right to vote under the state’s Citizen Referendum Law, and the arrogance of a local government blocking this precious right that Americans have died for.

This story is much larger than a school in one community.

If Sullivan’s Island can use taxpayer money to fight and ignore state law, what’s keeping your hometown officials, your county officials and other elected officials from doing the same thing next time and ignoring the will of the people?

It’s clear that Washington isn’t the only place where power goes to people’s heads.

Let Sullivan’s Island Town Council know its actions are setting a dangerous precedent.

And thank you to the brave people fighting this fight for all of us who believe in the right to vote, and rule of law.

Dan Krosse

Myrtle Avenue

Sullivan’s Island

No alternative

The Charleston County School Board has mandated that any new school constructed in the county must serve at least 500 students. Construction specifications, based on national best practices, must be adhered to when building any new school.

A vocal minority of Sullivan’s Island residents proposed a referendum. This referendum stated that the specifications of the Sullivan’s Island elementary school building be no larger than the previous school building.

To meet the construction specifications only 200 students could be accommodated by a school of this size.

Voting on building a school for 200 students when the Charleston County school board has mandated a 500-student minimum invalidates this referendum.

This group complained that their right to vote on this referendum was denied, but in reality they were requesting an action that could not happen.

Therefore, our voter rights have not, in any way, been compromised.

Catherine M. Curtis

I’on Avenue

Sullivan’s Island