A 19-year-old Goose Creek man woke up Sunday night to find a man holding a knife over him demanding to know where he kept his guns, according to a Goose Creek police report.

Here’s what happened, according to the report.

Police were called to a house on Severn Street about 11 p.m. Sunday to check out a report of an armed robbery. The resident said he recognized the bone-handled knife that he was being threatened with as his own, apparently removed from a drawer while he was sleeping.

The resident described the intruder as a thin black man, about 6 feet 3 inches tall, with short dread locks, wearing black pants and a red and black T-shirt. The resident said he had never seen the man before and had no idea why he entered his house.

The resident walked around showing where he kept two guns while the other man held a knife to his ribs. The intruder said he was from Brooklyn and had been to jail 13 times and would kill the resident if he contacted police. The intruder left the resident in a bathroom tied shut with an iron cord, which he forced open and called police.

Two guns, ammunition and a bicycle were reported stolen. The guns were a black .44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk revolver with Hogue grips and a gray and black .45-caliber Bersa Thunder.

Police set up a perimeter around the house, conducted a search and gathered evidence at the scene but have not reported any suspects.

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