Political newbies

Regardless of who is elected, our new congressional representative will be a freshman in a hierarchical society. Maybe Mark Sanford less so since he could probably find his office.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch would be a total newbie subject to all the confusion associated with that.

And when the Democratic Congressional Committee gives a large amount of money to a campaign, you can be sure it expects the candidate, if elected, to do as the party demands.

The same can be said of any large donor, including unions.

If you must travel to Washington and New York and Seattle to secure your campaign funding, then your loyalty to your district should be suspect. Money talks, and money expects results and compliance. This would be the same for any candidate of any party. Local candidates should be allowed to accept money only from the district they hope to represent.

David L. Fortiere

Atlantic Avenue

Sullivan’s Island

Defending Sanford

I stay out or politics, rarely vote and seldom voice my opinion on the subject. However, I am going to defend Mark Sanford.

One of the best things that ever happened was when Mark Sanford stepped in and changed the Department of Motor Vehicles. Before he made changes, it was not uncommon to wait hours at the DMV.

Now you’re in and out in about 30 minutes.

Thank you, Mark. I’ll be voting for you on May 7.

Cathy Kincer

Crooked Stick Court



I take issue with an April 17 letter that unfavorably “compares” Elizabeth Colbert-Busch to Mark Sanford. Both candidates are fiscal conservatives.

However, Elizabeth tempers her conservative position by also promising to never make pledges to anyone (such as Grover Norquist) except her constituents.

Her only pledge is to make us, the people of her district, her No. 1 priority.

In contrast, Mark Sanford was so enamored by his pledges and his ideology and his reputation that he allowed his constituents and South Carolina to suffer the dire consequences. Among other things, as governor he refused desperately needed money for our schools — dollars that belonged to the residents of South Carolina. This is not prudent fiscal restraint, this is miserly grandstanding driven by a distinctly political agenda.

Do the constituents of the 1st Congressional District want to once again be represented by someone who has no interest in our well-being?

I also reject the expansive use of the pronoun “our,” as in, “Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, whose beliefs have nothing in common with ours.” In December 2012 a non-partisan poll indicated that 85 percent of voters overall (and 77 percent of Republican voters) were opposed to “never raise taxes” pledges.

Also, in November 2012 the election results indicated that President Obama won the Charleston County majority vote in 2012 as well as in 2008. These facts suggest that it is likely that this writer does not speak for the majority in the 1st District.

What is absolutely evident is that this writer does not speak for me.

Bobbie Rose

Bennett Street


Gay marriage

The April 10 self-absorbed letter referencing gay marriage, written by an associate priest from St. Michael’s Church, clearly outlines one solid fact, and that is just how off base these theological types are with the realities of life, religion and, more importantly in this issue, gay marriage.

The Rev. Peter Moore compares gay sex to hysterical outcomes, poses nonsensical questions about long-term studies of same-sex parents raising children (as if same-sex parents are a new concept) and looks for the “gay gene” to even validate gay and lesbian people as relative to society.

Rev. Moore’s comments are not only unhelpful and biased, they are hurtful and not representative of gay and lesbian people who just want to be treated equally under the law. That includes marriage.

I’d strongly suggest Rev. Moore stick to the great commission of reminding people that Jesus made a way for all to be saved, and that he get off the backs of gay and lesbian people.

Edward Bryan III

Tidal Creek Cove


‘Sweet Caroline’

We all have witnessed the recent sadness experienced by so many in Boston and Texas.

I have family in Watertown, Mass. One retired from the police department. Another is a detective and was in the middle of the second fire fight Friday night.

One of the most amazing things that I’ve witnessed, in my 70-plus years, with great pride was the events of April 20 at the Boston Red Sox game and the surprise appearance of performer Neil Diamond in the eighth inning.

It has been a tradition for over a decade for Boston fans at all home games to sing Mr. Diamond’s trademark song “Sweet Caroline.”

His appearance was totally unannounced and was made at his own expense, flying in from California for the game and speaking to the city of Boston.

When he walked on the field the place exploded. This one man was able to bring smiles to many faces in the aftermath of such sorrow.

As he sang a live performance of “Sweet Caroline” it brought tears to my eyes. My wife, Debbie, remarked, “This is what this country is all about.”

Mr. Diamond is an amazing human being. He brought a gift of healing to many people and I would say, Shalom and may God bless him.

Robert Maguire

Beverly Road


Missing the point

The Post and Courier completely misses the point. The removal of trees from I-26 is a safety issue. It makes no difference why or how your car leaves the road.

If it does and you slam into a large tree, you are going to get injured or killed. Selective cutting presents an ongoing maintenance issue. Leaving the large oaks is the exact opposite of what should be done.

Those are the trees that, if hit, will kill you.

Any tree four inches in diameter at breast height should be removed.

Why don’t you let the Department of Transportation do its job, provide a safe highway for the public and keep politics out of it?

Ashley Overton

Marsh Lake Drive


Where did it go?

There is no positive lift to an outfit that cries jobs, jobs, jobs and sets out to lose as many jobs as possible, while taking rights away from their fellow citizens.

The only “right” they care about is the Second Amendment, which is subject to interpretation, and the only political policy they want to follow leads to theocracy.

Where did the Republican Party go — the party that believed in America and wanted it to succeed? Where did it go?

Nixon bent it and Reagan broke it and Cheney/Bush buried it.

It needs to be exhumed, revitalized and cleansed of its Tea Party/oligarchy cancer.

David Stevens

Suncatcher Drive


Hit and run

On April 22 around 9:30 p.m. my husband was involved in a hit-and-run accident on I-26 east bound. I am asking for the public’s help in locating the driver who hit him.

This person was driving an 18-wheeler with multiple running lights along the cab and trailer. He was also seen at times weaving on the highway. He sideswiped my husband’s car, causing him to spin and eventually hit the concrete barrier.

Anyone with any information concerning this truck (tag, company name, cab color, etc.), please contact the highway patrol at: 843-953-6000.

I would like to say a special thank you to the kind lady who stopped to make sure my husband was all right.

Christine Armstrong

Albacore Road