One of the best — but certainly not most coveted — awards in all of American sports is the Lowsman Trophy.

It is a small, bronze statue atop a wooden base, and it depicts a football player with one knee raised, like the Heisman Trophy, which is awarded annually to college football’s best player. But the inanimate man on the Lowsman Trophy has his mouth goofily agape. Instead of carrying a football, like the Heisman shows, he is dropping it.

South Carolina tight end Justice Cunningham will be latest recipient of this amusing award, because he was this year’s Mr. Irrelevant — the final player picked in the NFL draft. Cunningham went Saturday to the Indianapolis Colts with pick No. 254.

Cunningham’s selection neatly transitions to the 2014 draft, which will likely begin with USC defensive end Jadeveon Clowney as the first pick.

Cunningham is USC’s second Mr. Irrelevant, a distinction that began in 1976 and includes a summer week of events in Newport Beach, Calif. In 2009, kicker Ryan Succop was picked by Chiefs as Mr. Irrelevant.

“Cannot believe we have another Gamecock Mr. Irrelevant,” Succop tweeted. “What are the odds?”