Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded April 1-5.


203 St. Margaret Street LLC sold 203 St. Margaret St., Wagener Terrace to Kimberley Fatata-Hall for $289,000.

Margaret E. Prendergrast sold Unit 7, 309 Meeting St. to Christine Alderman for $320,000.

Jennifer Nicole Evans sold Unit 2, 517 King St., King Street Lofts to Rhett Price for $505,000.

Robert L. and Merrilee R. Kenney sold Unit 1, 122 Tradd St. to James T. and Margaret K. Watkins for $2.6 million.

Eastside Sky LLC sold Unit 1, 9 West St., Trinity Place to Barry W. Wood Jr. for $225,000.

Jonathan H. Poston sold Unit IV, 10 Logan St., Logan Arms to Elizabeth Halsey Rounds for $465,000.

Juanita F. Hart sold 10 Darlington Ave. to Thomas C. Turner for $175,000.

Myrtle W. Hazelton sold 16 Maranda Holmes St. to Meredith J. Eads for $159,900.

Leila D. and William B. Ross sold 368 Ashley Ave. to Robert I. Swartz for $368,000.

William C. Lyddan Jr. sold 4 Atlantic St. to Putters Investments LLC for $2.1 million.

Ronald W. Radcliffe sold 84 King St. to Bruce K. and Laurel N. Murchison for $489,000.


Sherrie S. Swygert sold 5233 Timber Race Course, Plantation at Stono Ferry to Susan C. and Robert L. Todd for $348,000.

Isle of Palms

Jane Clemenza sold 15 Yacht Harbor Court, Wild Dunes to CSS Real Holdings LLC for $540,000.

Hampton Roads Chemical Corp. sold 17 Sandcrab Court to CBBJ Properties LLC for $427,500.

Audrey Louise Altenbern sold 19 Waterway Island Drive to Mark K. and Gwendolyn B. Griffin for $650,000.

James Island

Jan G. Jacobson sold Unit 7A, 150 Wappoo Creek Drive, The Riverside to John C. Hayes III and Sarah L. Hayes for $300,000.

Michael Terelak sold 1068 Kingswood Drive, Lynwood to Matthew C. and Katherine L. O’Neill for $185,000.

Fender Properties 2 LLC sold 1096 Quail Drive, Lawton Bluff to Wesley B. and Lori L. Delancey for $213,000.

Caroline Anderson sold 1426 Kentwood Circle, Lynwood to Jessica O. and Timothy A. Smith for $224,000.

Michael Flynn and Summer Mauldin sold 2129 Edisto Ave., Riverland Golfview to Cameron E. Pollard for $203,000.

Fred Mitchell sold 2257 Woodland Shores Road, Stone Edge to Bedie Y. and Thomas J. Kinney for $155,000.

Robert L. and Janelle L. Hayner sold 584 Parrot Point Drive, Belle Terre to Samuel Avery Turrentine III for $350,000.

John C. and Tanya L. Eldredge sold 672 Clearview Drive, Clear View to Brian W. and Mindy S. Christo for $275,000.

Kelly A. and Brian M. Duncan sold 827 Quail Drive, Lawton Bluff to Jared J. and Jessica L. Zieche for $197,500.

Mildred C. Crosby sold 995 Yorktown Drive, Jamestown Estates to Dorothy W. Kennedy for $165,000.

Johns Island

RLE Investor LLC sold 1503 Maple Grove Drive, The Retreat at Johns Island to John E. Parks III for $224,900.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 1635 Bee Balm Road, St. John’s Crossing to Natalie E. Grooms for $220,735.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 1865 Brittlebush Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Eric A. and Rochelle D. Beckstine for $168,990.

Brandon Scott Bobart sold 1940 High Meadow St., Winnsboro Lakes to Christopher W. Ferree for $187,000.

Timothy B. and Keri B. Bowers sold 2950 Split Hickory Court, Barberry Woods to Katherine M. Strom for $236,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3406 Needwood Forest Drive, Staffordshire to Paul C. Robinson and Amanda Morgan for $175,032.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3416 Thorpe Constantine Ave., Staffordshire to Christian C. and Kristin P. Carter for $214,909.

Arthur Heyward sold 3966 Betsy Kerrison Parkway, Hopkinson Plantation to Charles C. and Carolyn K. Heyward for $361,000.

Kiawah Island

Michael J. and Lynn E. Ross sold 1384 Dunlin Court, Fairway Oaks Villas to Jolanta M. Blazejewski for $350,000.

Michael E. Niemiec sold 64 Belmead Hall, Inlet Cove Club to David G. Scholz and Sara E. Sacco for $515,000.

Lawrence E. and Susanne D. McDermott sold 53 Cotton Hall, Plantation Woods to Charles J. and Rosemary Dunn for $650,000.

Leonard D. and Kimberly R. Quick sold 88 Jackstay Court, Vanderhorst Beach to James and Mary Rubright for $3.5 million.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Preservation Row Developers LLC sold 2873 Batham Lane, Rivertowne to Joshua M. and Kelly E. Ness for $381,625.

Linda M. Neyle sold Unit A, 517 Wando Lane, Wando Industrial Park to BLVD FFIT LLC for $575,000.

Kadi M. and Christopher P. Quinn sold Unit 3, 709 Baytree Circle, Bay Tree to F. Ashley Brown for $168,000.

Brandt G. and Angela R. Vickery sold 212 Cooper River Drive, Tides to Advantage PG Inc. for $580,000.

Jennifer L. Nance sold Unit C, 1608 Marsh Harbor Lane, Toler’s Cove to Kimberlee T. Brown for $599,000.

Jason Alan Essenberg sold Unit 110-2, 104 Summers Creek Court, Etiwan Pointe to Suren Paravyan for $210,000.

Terry D. Gamble sold 1551 Deenepark Circle, Ellington Woods to Darrell R. and Sheryll K. Johnson for $170,000.

Henry and Christopher D. Donato Jr. sold 1014 Chambers Lane, Cooper Estates to Todd E. Smith and Kathleen M. O’Neill for $375,000.

Angela N. and Colby J. Blackwood sold 1105 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park at Park West to Robert O. and Jennifer M. Jones for $304,900.

Marie C. Laspina sold 1107 Oyster View Court, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Steven and Mary C. Prelack for $775,000.

Sarah Amy Harrell sold 1111 Middleton Court, Snee Farm Gardens to Katherine I. Mathieu for $220,000.

Brian and Tina Kennelly sold 1135 Morning Glory Court, Snee Farm Gardens to Emily Elizabeth Everett for $225,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 1137 Ayers Plantation Way, The Harbour at Dunes West to David R. and Treva F. Abel for $598,835.

JW Homes LLC sold 1177 Ayers Plantation Way, The Harbour to John J. and Elizabeth Skistimas for $456,533.

Mark G. and Jeanne B. Condon sold 1188 Moss Bluff, Snee Farm to Christopher G. and Bethany C. Goodier for $790,000.

Kenneth P. and Matilda Crowley sold 1234 Waterfront Drive, Hidden Lakes to Michael C. and Nancy Y. McEniry for $667,500.

JadieKate LLC sold 1314 Stuart Engals Blvd. to HF Opportunity Fund LLC for $300,000.

LC Acquisitions LLC sold 1350 Neighbors Way, Liberty Cottages to Ronald A. and Jane S. McWhirt for $452,778.

Spencer Clark and Kayela Wilkins sold 1369 Center Lake Drive, Center Lake Community at Hidden Lakes to Shaun and Caitlyn McCrary for $265,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1385 Scotts Creek Circle, Scott’s Creek to Spencer C. and Kayela W. Clark for $719,945.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1393 Scott’s Creek Circle, Scott’s Creek to Christopher H. Thornton for $555,665.

Yarrum II LLC sold 1461 Barbara St., Marjudo to Gerin B. and Julie S. Choiniere for $435,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1525 Anacostia Ave., Carolina Park to Robert W. and Denise D. Near for $482,127.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1528 Anacostia Ave., Carolina Park to Kelley A. Wynne for $452,589.

Christine Ruth Luse Dunleavy sold 1539 Fiddlers Marsh Drive, Fiddler’s Marsh to Susan G. Griffis and David Kim Homra for $340,000.

Beach Shellpoint LLC sold 1684 Paradise Lake Drive, Watermark to Carolina Cottage Homes LLC for $315,000.

Joshua M. and Kelly E. Ness sold 1857 Hubbell Drive, The Village at Park West to Joseph Armond Nirdlinger and Rebecca L. McFall for $265,000.

Wenjin J. and Jun Zheng sold 1911 Falling Creek Circle, Sweetgrass to Olivia C. and Daniel J. Burgess for $336,000.

Muhammad and Shahida A. Zahid sold 2182 Summerwood Drive, Thornewood to Paul C. and Tuesday Lee for $379,500.

Philip N. O’Reilly sold 2279 Middlesex St., Masonborough at Park West to Andrew E. and Blakely S. Tombs for $574,350.

Kenneth B. and Julia M. Turner sold 2300 Darts Cove Way, Darts Pointe at Dunes West to James P. and Antoinette M. Seney for $564,000.

Cline Construction LLC sold 2381 Darts Cove Way, Darts Pointe at Dunes West to Timothy R. and Brooke A. Faber for $605,949.

Annette M. and Erik E. Wallis sold 2507 Periwinkle Spout Cove, Saltwood at Planter’s Pointe to Andrea Charlene Rose Moody for $407,000.

James P. and Dena J. Mitchell sold 2525 Ballast Point, The Pointe at Parkers Island at Rivertowne Country Club to Jan H. and James C. Evans for $710,000.

Martin A. and Barbara A. Blackwell sold 2728 Gaston Gate, The Retreat at Brickyard Plantation to Michelle L. Walton for $439,900.

JW Homes LLC sold 2797 River Vista Way, The Harbour to Marcus and Ursula Luckett for $500,473.

Signature Development LLC sold 2940 Riverwood Drive, Marsh Cove at Dunes West to Suzanne V. Tully for $490,000.

Todd E. Smith sold 297 Jardinere Walk, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Edward A. and Sharon C. Weston for $355,000.

Demetrios A. and Valerie W. Papadopoulos sold 299 Isaw Drive, Hobcaw Point to Edward C. O’Bryan for $299,000.

Kenneth M. and Alicia D. Emory sold 3001 Park West Blvd., Mansfield at Park West to Nancy K. Roberts for $228,000.

Stephen E. Fennell sold 313 Royall Ave. to Benjamin H. and Sarah N. Mitchell for $1.2 million.

Robert Holmes sold 314 Commonwealth Road, Darrell Creek to Russell Cory and Rebecca T. Dueger for $775,000.

Peter A. and Anna M.B. Solomon sold 328 Fern House Walk, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to Carol L. Monahan for $310,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3582 Franklin Tower Drive, Lieben Park to Herbert O. and Jennifer G. McBride for $200,880.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3586 Franklin Tower Drive, Lieben Park to Mark A. Arehart and Michael J. Bottoms for $247,820.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3593 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to Herbert and Yvonne B. Rephan for $232,145.

Jay P. and Sonda C. McFarland sold 3680 Bagley Drive, The Preston at Park West to Vincent M. and Tami Boyle for $310,000.

Dobson Homes LLC sold 461 Bramson Court, Moultrie Park to Scott and Christina Springston for $354,655.

Jeffrey S. and Julie A. Pegram sold 505 Antebellum Lane, Rice Bay to Joseph J. Fersner for $340,000.

Mark S. and Carla W. Lutz sold 60 On The Harbor Drive, The Harbour to Stan F. and Glenda E. Gibson for $1.7 million.

Margaret B. Gregorie sold 624 Howard St. to Elizabeth A. Deer and Megan E. Finkbine for $368,000.

Gail S. Kolbe sold 856 Fountain Lane, Lake Hunter Commons to Marlene Green for $323,000.

North Charleston

Colie M. and Melinda G. Crosby sold 1185 S. Park Place to Stacy M. and Andrew P. Alberico for $365,000.

HSS LLC sold 4502 Overbrook Ave. to Heather Walbright and Karl Mikoleit for $200,000.

Noel P. and Lola G. Rogers sold 8596 Cislo Court, The Village at Northwoods to Jonathan and Edith F. Brandt for $162,000.

Seabrook Island

Courtnay M. Laws sold 710 Seabrook Island Road, Spinnaker Beachhouses to Daniel R. and Donna Koval for $385,000.

Sullivan’s Island

Michael W. Arthur sold 2624 Goldbug Ave. to Kennett R. and Alice G. Kendall for $765,000.

Timothy C. Dargan sold 2917 Middle St. to Paul W. Stephenson for $772,500.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Mark G. and Erika C. Connors sold 1252 Sunset Drive, Parkwood Estates to Angela R. Minter for $211,000.

Doris L. Browder sold 1330 New Castle St., Charlestowne Estates to Noah H. Hilliard for $163,000.

Centex Homes sold 1551 Pixley St., Cypress of Carolina Bay to David Arnold for $310,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1569 Seabago Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Carlton R. and Christina G. Crumbliss for $249,790.

Centex Homes sold 1847 Heldsberg Drive, Bridgewater of Carolina Bay to Melanie A. Johnson for $169,965.

Amaladevi and Anuthi Reddy sold 1850 Hutton Court, West Ashley Plantation to Jennifer G. and Elliott Peery for $227,000.

Centex Homes sold 1882 Gammon St., Creekside of Carolina Bay to Bradley S. and Kristen M. Balkham for $289,700.

Andrew A. Lange sold 1922 Treebark Drive, The Meadows at Westborough to John W. Ticknor for $213,000.

Angela M. Trogdon sold 194 Sugar Magnolia Way, Magnolia Lakes at Grand Oaks to Janet M. White for $186,500.

Catalyst Builders Inc. sold 1982 Planters Drive, Battery Gaillard to Jeptha B. and Campbell F. Cobb Jr. for $323,900.

Patricia Gettman Roldan sold 20 Lavington Road, Rice Hollow to Sarah Elaine Kroeger for $250,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 2042 Maybelles Lane, Woodlands to John P. Potter III for $176,119.

Joel H. and Edith M. Vincent sold 2479 Vaucluse Road, Maclaura Hall to Wesley J. Haselden for $552,000.

Carl R. and Marty L. White sold 2618 Morning Dove Lane, Canterbury Woods to Michael A. and Sally K. Humbert for $180,000.

Centex Homes sold 2918 Rutherford Way, Creekside of Carolina Bay to Kelly J. and Jeromy J. Carleton for $333,432.

William M. Young sold 31 Riverdale Drive, Avondale to 31 Riverdale Drive LLC for $175,000.

Manorhouse Builders of SC LLC sold 4140 Veritas St., Ashley Park to Kyle A. Mixson for $160,000.

Luis Eduardo Fernandez De Castro and Ana Maria Medina sold 4145 Perrine St., Ashley Park to Valbea C. and Myrick C. Dixon for $159,000.

Elizabeth J. Smithson sold 743 Longfellow Road, East Oak Forest to Amanda Lynn Helton for $198,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded March 25-29.

Daniel Island

Ambry L. Kelley sold 1747 Pierce St., Smythe Park to Elizabeth D. Roy for $615,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2573 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to Leslie David Donovan for $609,424.

Goose Creek

Bruce E. Patrick sold 112 Bromwich Drive, Hamlets to Euclides Adam Solivan for $245,000.

Mary E. and Justin B. Williams sold 102 Dundalk Court, Longford Place Plantation to Michael A. and Siomara Malott for $166,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 122 Vango Drive, Montague Plantation to Jerome and Janelle C. Wright for $183,595.

Moncks Corner

Janice E. and K. A. Hawkins sold 1301 Limetree Lane, Sterling Oaks to John K. and Jacqueline M. Caddell for $258,500.


Centex Homes sold 124 Beacon Falls Court, Cane Bay to Jeffrey A. and Angel C. Moore for $215,615.

Joan Carlson sold 521 Cypress Point Drive, Cypress Point Plantation to Wayne K. and Charmayne Williams for $408,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 505 Magwood Road, Felder Creek to George William and Earlene Ava Metz for $174,444.

Landmark 24 Homes of Georgia LLC sold 110 Glenspring Drive, Cane Bay to Michael J. and Casey M. Nichols for $217,282.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 206 Short Woods Court, Felder Creek to John W. Steinert for $166,400.

Paul H. and Sheila J. Laurent sold 500 Eastover Circle, Dovewood to James B. Powell for $181,000.


CF Associates LLC sold 313 Indigo Planters Lane, Nelliefield Plantation to Maryanne M. and Alistair M. Gilbert for $216,401.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded March 25-29.


Three Pines Developers LLC sold 229 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Kelly A. Troutman and Matthew C. Yeager for $172,654.

Three Pines Developers LLC sold 233 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Quentin A. Lawrence for $196,889.

North Charleston

Kwong Yiu Tang sold 8519 Stonebridge Drive, Whitehall to Nicholas Eickhoff for $170,000.

Crescent Homes LLC sold 8523 Sentry Circle, Indigo Palms to Isaac Cleveland and Lundean W. Dingle for $275,170.

Galloway Family Homes LLC sold 8857 Tolbert Way, Cedar Grove to Karen L. Post for $294,990.

Madeleine K. Thomas sold 8617 Woodland Walk, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Daniel R. Olin for $222,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 5420 Overland Trail, Taylor Plantation to Brian Joseph and Katherine Marie Walker for $209,556.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 8504 Marsh Overlook, Taylor Plantation to Jonathan D. and Lourditha M. Quintanilla for $224,278.

St. George

Robin W. Hartzog sold 710 Sears St., Bayview Acres to Jimmy R. Martin for $166,000.


Francisco F. and Nalini J. Piedade sold 9640 Pebble Creek Blvd., Oak Forest Village at Wescott to Ray William Seaver for $270,000.

ICSC 615 North Hickory Street LLC sold 615 North Hickory St., Daniels Orchard to Brion and Michelle M. Rutherford for $325,000.

Jason R. and Erin S. Garrett sold 1010 Mount Whitney Drive, The Summit to Lynn E. Bond and Donald S. Andrade for $405,000.

Michael B. Knigh sold 103 Oak Village Lane, Oak Village to Michael E. and Donna M. Knight for $460,000.

ICSC 103 Sabal Court LLC sold 103 Sabal Court, Daniels Orchard to Betty A. Sexton for $225,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 136 Musket Loop, The Ponds to Roger W. and Virginia B. Pearce for $338,634.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1606 Rising Mist Drive, Drakesborough to Ashley F. Kirkwood for $159,970.

Debra A. and Mark A. Cantey sold 108 Tandil Court, Plum Creek to Jason P. and Lisa T. Carter for $185,000.

Jeffrey A. and Tammy Lynne Minnoe sold 107 Old Course Road, Legend Oaks Plantation to Clayton C. and Jennifer B. Schneider for $227,000.

Robert A. and Brenda T. Keenan sold 206 Summercourt Drive, Briarwood to Dannie M. and Sharon Lee Evans for $150,500.

Wilbur Ortman sold 111 Oakbluff Road, Bridges of Summerville to Frederick N. and Olivia Kay Janson for $193,500.