Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke persuaded Hope not to stop Liam and Steffy’s wedding. Carter performed the traditional marriage ceremony for Liam and Steffy, who also said vows they had written themselves. After her release from the hospital, Katie let Bill know that she wanted to reconcile, and he proved to her that he is committed to saving their marriage. Brooke vowed to forget her feelings for Bill. Taylor overheard Lt. Baker quizzing Brooke, who is protecting Bill, about the night of the car accident, on which Brooke took Bill to her home. Caroline asked Carter to help her keep Maya and Rick apart.

Days of our Lives: Nicole quit her church job after Eric caught her and Vargas on the verge of desecrating the rectory. Nicole later met Vargas, and as things were getting hot and heavy between them, she called out Eric’s name. Nicole got angry when her slip of the tongue didn’t bother Vargas, who walked out during her tirade. Later, Nicole agreed when Eric asked her not to quit, but Nicole can’t forget that she has romantic feelings for him even though he’s a priest. Brady arrived while Kristen was trying to return the baseball jersey that John had given her as a reminder of a little league team she had worked with. After nearly coming to blows, Brady told John to stay away from Kristen. Kristen is unaware that Ciara has the photos of her paying off Sy for mugging Brady. Rafe and Kate were intimate after he insisted he wants nothing more to do with Sami. Cameron thanked Abigail with a kiss for saving his medical career.

General Hospital: Brenda told Michael that he had passed out drunk and that they didn’t sleep together. At the airport, Brenda told Sonny that she and Michael didn’t get busy. Brenda left for Italy alone when Sonny refused to go with her. Olivia, who was with Sonny, was stunned when Lulu actually ran away from her after arriving in Port Charles with Dante, Laura and Luke. Laura and Patrick told Dante to stop pressuring Lulu to remember. Lulu took off and wound up at the Floating Rib, where she found Milo and accepted his offer to stay at his place. Laura told Nikolas that she killed his father, Stavros, during Lulu’s rescue. Elizabeth and Nikolas got closer. Patrick went to the abortion clinic with Britt. Maxie agreed to work for Connie at Crimson again. Connie went to see Johnny at the prison.

Young and the Restless: Leslie blamed herself for Gus’ heart attack. At the hospital, Gus regained consciousness and said the name “Rose.” Later, Gus denied knowing anyone named “Rose” when Leslie asked who she was. Leslie urged Tyler to make amends with Gus. Adam went to see Chelsea after Sharon told him that she’s pregnant. Adam found Chelsea with Dylan and asked if Dylan was the father of her baby. Dylan was stunned when Chelsea said that he is. Chloe told Chelsea that she was right to lie about the provenance of her unborn child, and Chelsea noted that Adam, who is legally still her husband, would never let her have custody of the baby if he knew it was his. Lauren told Carmine that she can’t see him, but later cried on his shoulder after Michael announced his plan to move out. Noah told Sharon that it’s over between him and Adrianna, who suddenly left town. Kevin and Chloe decided to end their life of crime.

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