Mount Pleasant believes in starting tennis players at a young age.

“In our tennis programs, we list five years old (as the starting age) but we start them as young as four depending on the child,” said Matt Hansen, the tennis coordinator for the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department.

Clay Maynor, a tennis professional at the Whipple Road Tennis Center, said the town prides itself on “taking kids that have never played the game and giving them an opportunity to learn quickly, to play matches, play for their schools and play in tournaments.”

The Whipple Road Tennis Center is home to seven East Cooper schools and 13 teams that participate in the Tri-County Elementary and Middle School Tennis League. Maynor said the town also is very active with the U.S. Tennis Association’s 10 and Under Tennis program, which uses special balls and smaller courts.

“Some of the best players in the state have started right there,” Maynor said. “That’s been kind of our forte, what we enjoy most.”