John and Carole Glover would love to be in the audience each week to see their daughter perform on “American Idol.”

It looks like it will take some help from the community to get them there.

St. Helena Island native Candice Glover is in the Top 4 on the show after Janelle Arthur, a 23-year-old Tennessee native, was eliminated Thursday.

Judge Randy Jackson called Glover’s recent performance of The Cure’s “Lovesong” one of the best in the show’s 12-year history. She has emerged as a front-runner in the competition.

But her parents aren’t sure how many more performances they’ll be able to attend. “Idol” does not pay for family members’ travel-related expenses. Round-trip plane tickets are about $1,000 each. Hotels, meals and travel to and from the show add to the cost.

And the Glovers have six other children at home.

So a local elected official is trying to raise money to allow the Glovers to see their daughter perform.

State Rep. Shannon Erickson, who owns Hobbit Hill Preschool in Beaufort where Carole once worked, set up an expense account for the Glovers when Candice advanced to the Top 10 in early March. That account is still open.

“We go through our lives — going to work every day, being good community members — and every once in a while, something exceptional happens to one of us in our community,” Erickson said. “We have the opportunity to be part of that exceptional moment for the Glovers. She was raised here among us. She’s one of our own.

“To watch her succeed and excel is just a moment not to be missed.”

John and Carole have traveled to Hollywood twice and have been in the audience for three of Candice’s performances.

Candice’s cousin Lindsey Middleton and her grandmother, Albertha Middleton, also were in the audience with John and Carole for two of those performances. Carole said she thinks that she and John will be able to afford to fly to Hollywood again, but they probably won’t be able to bring any of Candice’s siblings.

Each contestant is allotted four seats for friends and family, and Carole said they are working to make sure those seats are filled each week. Last week, Shana Hirsch, who was Candice’s English professor at the Technical College of the Lowcountry, traveled to be in the audience.

“To feel the energy of the room, how the audience reacts to her ... you just can’t even compare being in the audience to what’s on TV,” Hirsch said.

The Glovers are thankful for the opportunity they’ve had to be in that audience and for the ways Beaufort County residents helped make that possible.

“Please just tell everyone in Beaufort how thankful we are, more than I could ever say, for all of their support,” Carole said.

Donations can be made at any local First Citizens Bank by depositing into the “Carole Glover” account.