Face the facts

On May 7 1st District voters will have an opportunity to select our next congressional representative. For me the choice will be easy. As a Libertarian, I believe in and support free markets, free minds and limited government.

No matter what one’s political affiliation, we should all recognize that our nation’s greatest enemy is not some external threat but rather something of our making: a national debt approaching $17 trillion together with unfunded obligations that might very well exceed $100 trillion.

We as a nation will either find ways to properly and effectively deal with those issues, or they will destroy the American republic.

During six years as our congressman and then eight years as our governor, Mark Sanford proved that he is a sincere, dedicated warrior in the struggle for limited government, balanced budgets and free minds.

He was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party. He would join a growing number of other members of Congress who “get it.”

And for those who are not “a women scorned” or possessed of a hardened heart there is a love story apparently headed toward a happy ending that we should all celebrate.

Walter D. Carr

Ashley River Road


Clear choice

When I first met Elizabeth Colbert Busch 26 years ago, she was “Lulu,” a young, single mother who had just gone through a painful divorce and was raising three small children.

She had two years remaining to complete her college degree at the College of Charleston and was determined to do it.

At the time I was a professor in the business school and was just inaugrating a new two-year program of study called the Intermodal Transportation Program.

Lulu had the foresight to realize that this program might provide her with a way to find a good job in the waterfront community in Charleston.

I was delighted that she chose to join the program, and she did excel in meeting all the requirements for graduation. Shortly after, she landed a job with Orient Overseas Container Lines and quickly rose to the position of sales manager.

She has followed that with cutting edge experience working with wind turbine energy at Clemson’s new portside facility.

My wife and I know Lulu very well, and we want to urge everyone, Republican and Democrat, to vote for Elizabeth Colbert Busch on May 7.

We know her to be the kind of person everyone would be proud to claim as their congressional representative.

She is honest, hard working, intelligent and well informed regionally, nationally and internationally.

We need more good women in our state and national government, and Lulu would certainly be a great one.

Dr. Paul Nelson, Ph.D.

Isaw Drive

Mount Pleasant

Paying respect

I think it is shameful that President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Bill Clinton or George Bush didn’t attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

America had no better friend, and this was a real slap in the face to our closest ally.

Despite her conservative politics, that should have been put aside at a time like this. This made us look small.

Stew Williams

Chisolm Road

Johns Island

Picking up litter

On April 16 I looked out my window. On the opposite side of Ashley Avenue, a man and a woman were walking toward MUSC.

He had on a blue shirt and carried a soft briefcase looped over his shoulder. She had on a purple shirt.

About halfway down the block he went back a yard or so and picked up an aluminum can.

My first thought was that he was collecting aluminum, but he deposited the can in a blue recycle bin that was sitting on the curb.

I don’t know who this man is but I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for helping clean up my city.

Jo Cannon

Ashley Avenue


Take the pledge

If 100 of us got in a room and were asked if we were ever involved in a wreck (even a minor bump) because of a cell phone, how many would truthfully answer yes? I would.

The next question would be: how many “close calls”? I went about 35 years without ever having a wreck until one day I rolled up (less than 5 mph) to a stoplight while texting away.

I heard a strange noise and glanced up to see the hood of my truck being peeled back like a sardine can as I slid under the flatbed truck in front of me.

Before I could stop, the damage ($3,000) was done. Luckily, I did not get hurt and I did not hurt anyone. I just felt very stupid.

I was watching the Masters Sunday and saw Zach Johnson’s commercial with his children where he “took the pledge.”

It just resonated with me, and so I quit (texting and driving) cold turkey.

I want to live to 101 years of age like my two grandparents. You should try it too. You might live to be 100, if you’re lucky.

L. Banks Wannamaker

Broad Street