Good response

My thanks to Nancy McGinley, because no other offering would be as meaningful.

When as an adolescent you feel the white-hot hate of those charged with your personal safety, you become distrustful even of the well meaning. Now perhaps we can move forward together.

But at least half that apology should be directed at the others who suffered the wrongs directed at myself and others because they also were cheated by these very actions.

My union has a motto: “An injury to one is an injury to all.” Appropriate in this instance.

John C. Godfrey

Kracke Street


Fix park

There are two Wraggborough parks. One is on the corner of John and Elizabeth streets. It has been beautifully restored with shrubbery and a fountain.

The other is in disrepair, without shrubbery or a fountain, on the corner of Meeting and Charlotte streets. On the opposite corner is the old Federal Building and on the opposite side of Meeting Street is the Old Citadel — now a plush hotel (adjacent to Marion Square).

Also adjacent is the Joseph Manigault House, a favorite tourist attraction; and to the west, the Second Presbyterian Church.

This second park is in poor shape, not at all attractive to visitors.

Just a block away to the north are the Visitor’s Center and the Charleston Museum.

This park could be a welcome spot for tired tourists to stop, rest and take comfort under the shade of the oak trees.

I am only one of many who love Charleston and wish the mayor would give this improvement a high priority.

DeWitt King

Logbridge Farm

Highway 162


Turbine facility

Two recent letters to the editor by college employees take Gov. Mark Sanford to task for his opposition to the Clemson wind turbine facility.

One letter says the project would be built somewhere so here is better than somewhere else.

I, along with Mark and many others, believe this type of activity should and can be done with private capital.

The other letter refers to the wonderful inventions from Edison’s facility at Menlo Park as justification for research, but it fails to mention that Edison’s work was not done at taxpayers’ expense. Private investment fueled entire industries and many millions of jobs over decades.

Only the free market will make efficient use of capital because it risks losing it. Government almost never makes efficient use of taxpayers’ funds because it has no risk of loss.

The government investment boondoggles like Solyndra should be proof that only politicians and their cronies gain with government investment.

Gov. Mark Sanford is absolutely correct on this issue.

Terry Hardesty

W. Main Street

Moncks Corner

Gun control

Gun control is a very important issue for me and my family. We believe that there is no reason for anyone except a soldier in war to own an assault rifle.

It doesn’t make sense.

The only people who would want these weapons are people who want to attack their own country. Also, every weapon in this country should be registered so that when a crime is committed, it is easier for law enforcement to find the culprit.

My family is not against owning weapons for hunting or personal protection; we are against the proliferation of violence and tragedy caused by an overabundance of guns in this country.

Karen Dickson

Chisolm Road

Johns Island

May election

You do not have to be a Democrat to vote for Colbert Busch.

Ken Ford

South Basilica Avenue