1713 Magazine is completed.

1748 Magazine is decommissioned (at the end of King George’s War)

1780 Recommissioned (for Revolutionary War)

1784 Decommissioned again (end of Revolutionary War; Izard family takes control)

1820 Recommissioned for just a few years, as new state magazines are built farther north.

1860 Documents show the Manigault family (Izard descendants) storing 2,100 bottles of Madeira wine there.

1893 National Society of The Colonial Dames of American in the State of South Carolina is established

1897 The News and Courier highlights the city’s fading relics and urges their preservation.

1902 The society buys the magazine from the Manigault-Hill family for $1,000.

1903 Museum opens inside the magazine for a 10-cent admission.

1993 Historic Charleston Foundation begins major preservation work on the building.

2003 The society resumes its museum operations.

2013 The society revamps the museum’s exhibitions to marks its tricentennial.