It’s not a question of if you’ll be caught in a spring shower; it’s when.

The key to looking your best when it does rain is taking a relaxed attitude, experts say. On those days, don’t try a complicated hairstyle or a dramatic smoky eye.

“Enjoy the moment to be simple,” says Melissa Silver, Maybelline New York makeup artist. “Why fight it?”

The important thing, no matter how your look turns out, is to make it seem purposeful, not like you were caught off-guard, says Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine. It’s better to start with, say, tousled hair than try to undo or redo a manicured, sleek style on a day that the weather will win.

That’s not to say you should give up altogether, says Bliss Spa President Mike Indursky. Once you put on the old clothes and scuffed shoes, skip your hair and makeup, and use the broken umbrella, you’ll find your mood nosedives. “There is no reason not to be the ray of sunshine when you walk in somewhere.”

Pay attention to the forecast. “When you see it’s going to be raining, you won’t wear a white chiffon dress, you wear something more durable. Do the same thing with your makeup,” Silver says.

Simplify the color palette. One application of a single shade of a long-wear, cream-gel eye shadow that’s highly pigmented will take you farther than mixing and matching powders in humid weather, Silver says. Powder products, and this goes for blush, will get streaky when wet because the water will clump with dry powder.

For makeup, revisit water-proof products, which have been modernized with smoother textures and creamier formulas.