Paul Stoney would love to have the students at James Simons Elementary School participating in the Tri-County Elementary and Middle School Tennis League. But this year the school was moved from its upper King Street location to a temporary spot in North Charleston while a new building is under construction.

“It’s not for a lack of desire. We would absolutely love to participate,” said Stoney, who along with fellow Charleston Rotary Club member Doug Holmes teaches the school’s fifth- and sixth-graders the sport twice a week.

“Logistically, it was a nightmare. Most of the students live downtown. When the school was downtown, it was easy to get them to the Jack Adams Center. When we do move back, it will be easier to coordinate.”

Stoney has been teaching tennis to James Simons students for four years, while Holmes has been working with the students for two.

“It’s an opportunity to expose the students to the game of tennis at an early age,” Stoney said. “We still teach on smaller courts in the gym.”

Stoney said each year they have 25 to 30 students, and this year, the students, parents and volunteers participated in Kids Day at the Family Circle Cup tennis tournament, watching the action and meeting with Venus Williams.