Golf cart laws

Every year when the weather gets warmer, many parents in the Park West community of Mount Pleasant lose their sense of parental responsibility. I am referring to the illegal use of golf carts by underage drivers on paths used for walking and bicycles.

I was recently walking along Grey Marsh Road where the sidewalk narrows. A golf cart behind me cut off the path and into the lane of oncoming traffic causing a driver to apply his brakes.

The cart was driven by a young boy who appeared to be about seven years old. His mother was sitting helplessly in the passenger seat.

Over the years, I have encountered dozens of reckless young drivers who fly through stop signs and have little regard for public safety.

Last year, I brought this matter to the town council. The police chief called me several days later asking what he could do about this situation. I told him that tickets should be issued to drivers spotted by passing police cars. I was told that there were “bigger fish to fry” and that the police didn’t have time to crack down on golf cart violations.

What we have in this area of Mount Pleasant is an accident waiting to happen. Someone is going to get seriously injured, and the town will be at the wrong end of a lawsuit.

The law is very simple. Carts must be driven on secondary roads by licensed drivers. Golf cart owners in Park West need to stop giving in to the fantasies of their children. Instead, they should behave like parents and teach their offspring to obey the law.

Bob Blumenthal

Daniel Legare Place

Mount Pleasant

Nurses qualified

The article “Two years too short” was misleading to the public and offensive to a lot of very qualified associate degree nurses (ADN), most who are employed and making hospitals and clinics function safely.

After graduating from an accredited nursing school, AD or bachelor of science, all registered nurses are required to pass the same state board examination and then must regularly meet criteria (30 hours of continuing education for each credentialed period)to maintain their licenses.

It is the nature of nurses, whatever their initial level of education, to continue learning as new medical knowledge develops. Being a nurse only starts with the ADN or BSN. It continues for a lifetime, whether there is more “alphabet soup” at the end of your name or not.

It isn’t helpful to undermine the confidence that the public has in its nurses. As the quality of health care deteriorates with Obamacare — and it will — it is essential for patients and their families to be proactive in their health care. Ask questions if you don’t understand something or if something doesn’t seem right. Have an advocate at the hospital bedside of loved ones.

Keep a notebook indicating when hospital staff enter and leave the room. Write down his name, what he does, what medication he gives, the dose, the route. Keep your own record of vital signs.

Insist that anyone who touches your loved one wash his hands first. Write down who takes the patient away, where they are going and what for. Be very clear about in advance directives, durable power of attorney or living wills, which can be a dangerous source of confusion for first responders.

Don’t assume that anyone involved with your care is smarter than you are, credentials or not.

Lynn Smith, R.N., ADN

Serotina Court

Mount Pleasant

Self check-out

I’m seeing more of a disturbing trend in retail stores. At first, it was grocery stores and now big box stores that encourage customers to check themselves out rather than being cashed out by a person.

I wonder if replacing people with machines is the right thing to do in these times of high unemployment. Further, it’s impossible to ask a machine a question or correct a mistake.

I’m sure these large corporations are improving their profits by replacing people with machines, but I have another suggestion. If these companies want to improve profits, how about across-the-board executive pay cuts?

Wayne Salkeld

Cross Timbers Drive

Mount Pleasant

Wind turbines

Mark Sanford talks about the wind turbine effort as being bad public policy and a poor return on investment. Using his same math calculations, $900 million divided by 2,000 jobs equals $450,000 per person. I believe this is what Boeing’s return on investment was.

How many people could Lyerly’s Cleaners put to work for this amount?

Erin McKee

President, Charleston Central Labor Council

Short River Court

Mount Pleasant

‘Grand lady’

Several years ago, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League staged a fundraiser and needed a great deal of greenery for decorating the premises of that year’s ball.

Word went out to CSOL members asking everyone to contribute branches, vines and other greenery.

One member replied that she had a tree with many branches and needed someone to cut them down as her contribution to the fundraiser.

My husband and I drove to her house with clippers and met this energetic older woman who took us to the tree.

After we had cut down enough branches to fill our trunk, she asked us if we wouldn’t like some more. That was our first acquaintance with Margot Freudenberg, and we never forgot her.

When we left that day, we tried to figure out just who she was and where had she come from. She seemed to have a German accent, and we speculated that she might have been old enough to have been through the Holocaust.

She never said anything about herself and seemed too dignified and focused on donating branches to permit personal questions.

It took her recent death for us to learn more about her from her obituary. She was a grand lady, and we were very fortunate to have met her. Charleston will miss her.

Anne Lindsey

Intracoastal Court

Isle of Palms

What Tea Party?

What and where is the Tea Party we hear so much about? The best I can find is they have no membership and no location. My conclusion is there is no such thing as the “Tea Party.”

Dan Cross

Mahan Court

Mount Pleasant

Gun rights

Many thanks for standing up against the gun lobby. Its attempt to limit free speech between doctors and patients follows other attempts to place riders on legislation to prevent the collection and release of basic gun violence and gun trafficking data.

How perverse, how un-American, how unpatriotic to prevent access to truth. Seeking truth is fundamental to our national character, and we are urged to seek truth in our Bible.

Where are these people coming from? Are they so brain-washed that they abandon our basic principles and rights?

Without truth, how can we find the right balance between gun rights and our other “inalienable rights”?

I’ve worked in aviation safety for years.

Where would we be if the FAA and the NTSB were prevented from collecting and releasing accident data or if pilots and mechanics were prevented from discussing accidents and incidents?

As an informed electorate, we need to be examining our legislative candidates more thoroughly and demanding more from them.

Daniel Stapleton

Park Lake Drive

Kiawah Island

TV charisma

Woop dee doo, a Bravo show titled “Southern Charm” will be gracing our TV screens soon. It will follow Charleston’s “most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern belle equals.”

Funny it did not mention the words “convicted felon” since the show will also include former state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel.

Is all of TV turning into Jersey Shore?

Seymour Rosenthal

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant