The bombings at the Boston Marathon were tragic, but Charleston Southern University’s Dr. Jackie Fish thinks a team of top-notch crime scene investigators will get to the bottom of what happened there.

Fish, vice president for academic affairs at Charleston Southern University, trained 60 of Boston’s crime scene investigators. She thinks most of them likely are working on the scene now.

After a long career in law enforcement and forensics, Fish became an instructor at the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training at Louisiana State University. It’s the only program in the country that trains investigators on how best to work in hazardous environments, she said.

“I’m confident they’ll have an answer because they are well-trained,” Fish said of the Boston crime scene team.

Crime scene investigators aren’t there to convict anybody, she said. They are there to gather the evidence. “Let the evidence speak for itself,” she said. “It will definitely tell the story.”

Gathering the evidence is a detailed and painstaking process, she said. The training program teaches the investigators to preserve the evidence. It also teaches them how to protect themselves, to get in and out safely, Fish said.

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