Q We are in the process of designing a large spa bath after many years of jamming into a small bathroom with two kids. We’ve done some research and find that showers seem to be taking over. Would it make sense to splurge on a bathtub instead, which I totally enjoy? Or do we go with the times?

A: Go with the times only if you love the trend. This is your spa; design it to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Nevermind what is popular. Yes, multipurpose showers are a big trend, but so are soaker tubs. And there are some amazing options out there that will make you feel like a princess. From Wetstyle comes a winning combination of classic and modern designs created by hand with the most eco-friendly materials.

Wetmar BiO combines vegetable-based resins with natural mineral stones to produce an Earth-friendly material that is not only naturally resistant to stains, bacteria and UV rays, but also has a high level of heat retention. The Tulip design has a soft, rounded lip and asymmetrical shape to accommodate a comfortable resting position.

Couture has a classic ribbed exterior. You can choose a dual finish for the outside of the tub. A pattern is produced using matte and high-gloss finishes. There are four designs: Floral, Calligraphy, Earth and Water. (

Old-fashioned claw-foot tubs are available, made with lighter materials, as well as modern soakers with all the nozzles and dials for a spa water massage.

Q: I would like to have an iridescent finish on the walls of my small en suite bathroom. I’m replacing peeling wallpaper. Is metallic paint a suitable medium for a bathroom?

Yes, you can apply metallic acrylic paint in your bathroom. Remove the paper and any glue residue, clean the walls and prime with a good water-based primer, and you are ready to go. Metallics are popular right now, but in soft, pastel shades, which are perfect for a bathroom. Why not extend the paint to the ceiling? This will give a modern glow to your bathroom with a bit of sparkle.

Q: I have a 3-foot-5-inch by 4-foot-10-inch beveled rectangular mirror in my guest bathroom above the single sink. I would like to layer another beveled oval or round mirror in the center of the current mirror to add visual interest. How would I do this? The sink is not in the middle, but slightly to the left of the vanity. Should the new mirror be set in the middle or directly over the sink?

A: I would place the small oval mirror over the sink; the asymmetry will be attractive, and this position is more practical when applying makeup or when shaving.

Use a good-quality construction adhesive to attach mirror to mirror. To ensure that the oval mirror doesn’t slip while the adhesive is drying, hold it in position with strong tape (duct tape).

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