Inevitably, that elusive name that has been hovering just beyond your grasp pops into your mind when you’re fast asleep. New research in the journal “Neuron” suggests there’s a way to enhance that sleep memory function.

Dr. Jan Born of the University of Tubingen, Germany, found that exposing sleepers to stimulating sounds that were in sync with the brain’s slow oscillation rhythm left them better able to remember word associations they had learned the evening before. The sounds actually strengthened the slow oscillation and extended it for longer periods of time.

Sounds out of sync with the oscillation rhythm don’t work.

Dr. Born reached his conclusions after conducting tests on 11 people on different nights.

For people who find more and more book titles and street names slipping away, this is encouraging news.

For those trying hard to forget last night’s behavior, your best bet might be to forget about this study, too.