A North Charleston man was stabbed twice during an argument Tuesday about a cellphone, police said.

Douglas Keith Svette, 51, of Rivers Avenue is charged with attempted murder in connection with the incident, police said. Officers were dispatched about 10:30 p.m. to an apartment at 5020 Rivers Ave. concerning a stabbing that had just occurred.

Officers arrived at the apartment complex and saw three people sitting in the middle of a stairwell, an incident report states. One of the men, 29-year-old Robert Squires was bleeding from a wound to his stomach, police said.

Another man, who officers later identified as Svette, attempted to walk away from the stairwell as officers approached. Squires quickly pointed to the man and told police that he was the man who stabbed him.

Svette initially denied stabbing Squires, police said. Svette later admitted to wielding the knife upon further questioning, police said. But he reported that it was Squires who attacked him first.

The accused man told police that a group of people gathered at Squires’ apartment that night and had a few drinks.

Svette left the apartment but returned when he realized he left his cellphone behind, according to the report. The two men argued when Squires wouldn’t let Svette back into the apartment, police said.

Svette told police that Squires threw him down a flight of stairs and choked him. Svette pulled out a knife and stabbed Squires twice, in the stomach and side, police said.

Officers found a folding-utility knife in a camouflage pouch that had been thrown over a fence adjacent to the building. Svette told police the knife was his.

Svette was arrested and held at the Charleston County jail, police said.