A few midwives were among a handful of businesswomen and men who turned up at North Charleston City Hall on Tuesday morning to tell the state Department of Health and Human Services how it can become more business-friendly.

The department is holding a series of similar meetings across the state. Other state agencies are holding meetings too. Gov. Nikki Haley’s Regulatory Review Task Force is charged with evaluating “South Carolina’s current regulatory burdens on all sizes and types of businesses in South Carolina,” and with proposing ways to relieve those burdens.

Brandy Brandfass, a licensed midwife with Goose Creek-based Transitions Midwifery Services, was one of three midwives at the meeting who recommended ways the state’s Medicaid agency could make doing business easier.

Brandfass suggested the agency could increase the amount of money it reimburses midwives for Medicaid deliveries.

She said the agency currently pays midwives $685 for an infant delivery, which typically takes an average of 14 hours for a woman having her first baby.

It’s not a cost-effective way to run a midwife practice, she said.

Members of the general public and business community can submit comments via email or by phone through 5 p.m. Friday.

Contact the agency by phone, at 803-898-1062 or email comments@scdhhs.gov.