Charleston police arrested a half naked and seemingly drunk man who they said scaled a fence possibly in search of a bathroom.

Kiefer Ogburn, 22 of Fieldstone Place in Greenville, is charged with public disorderly conduct in connection with the incident.

Charleston police officers were dispatched to a home on lower Wentworth Street about 3:30 a.m. on April 3 concerning a man trespassing behind a residence.

A woman told police that a man she did not know jumped the fence surrounding her home. The man was not wearing pants nor shoes, police said.

Police found Ogburn wearing only a T-shirt and standing in front of a home a few doors down, an incident report states.

Ogburn could not tell police who he was or where his friends were. He also did not know how he got to Wentworth Street, police said.

The man merely swayed back and fourth, slurring the word “bathroom” and repeatedly saying that he was drunk, an incident report states.

Ogburn was arrested and held at the Charleston County jail. He turned 22 the day prior to his arrest, according to an incident report.

Editor’s Note: The charge against Kiefer Ogburn was dropped September 2013 and his record expunged, according to court documents.