Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between March 11-15.


RHG of Charleston LLC sold Unit C, 117 Ashley Ave. to MMA Properties LLC for $235,534.

William H. Horton and Paul F. Boehm sold 25 John St. to Peter T. Kennedy for $620,000.

Spencer J. and Rebecca L. Madell sold 9 Larnes St. to John P. and Alyson A. Runco-Beinert for $334,000.

Folly Beach

Ashley 208 LLC sold 208 East Ashley Ave. to David P. and Nancy W. Mullins for $360,000.

Linnie S. Manos sold Unit 2 F, 106 West Arctic, Pavilion Watch to Beach Walk LLC for $375,000.

Isle of Palms

Michael W. and Kimberly T. Tall sold 4 Chapman Ave. to Joel H. Smith and Pamela J. Roberts for $1.2 million.

David W. Bartley II and Alise G. Bartley sold Unit D, 2 Palmetto Drive, Mariner’s Walk to Ronald E. and Janet B. Kaminski for $720,000.

James Island

New Leaf at Eaglewood LLC sold 1006 Freedom Peak Lane, Eaglewood Retreat to Eric Brockway for $336,799.

Jeff J. Irwin and Kathryn P. Burdette sold 752 Swanson Ave., Eastwood to Mary Elizabeth A. Shue for $357,000.

Michael Leo Smith sold 1852 Cheshire Drive, Jamestowne Estates to Nora B. and Walter M. Blair for $191,500.

Parker T. Knight sold 1043 Fort Sumter Drive, Lawton Bluff to Lynne Ann Kavanagh for $255,000.

Jared C. Mills sold 1028 Jamsie Cove Drive, Lawton Harbor to Kenneth and Katherine Terzo for $240,000.

Jeffrey T. and Lori McDonald sold 2023 Needlegrass Lane to Brian T. Lane for $360,000.

Donald E. Rogers sold 1531 Folly Road, Signal Point to JONDA 3 LLC for $750,000.

Stuart W. and Julie C. Waugh sold 677 Castle Pinckney Drive, Stiles Point Plantation to Stephen R. and Jessica A. Rogers for $440,000.

Eric A. and Catherine M. Main sold 1 Palmetto Road, Wappoo Creek to Kendrick E. Richardson for $500,000.

Johns Island

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1515 Thoroughbred Blvd., Brownswood Farms to Ashley N. Anderson for $212,000.

Terry Ann Rickson and Laura L. Lageman sold 1801 Clark Hills Circle, Churchill Landing to Craig and Kelly Orenstein for $630,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3420 Thorpe Constantine Ave., Staffordshire to Leslie A. Light for $238,504.

CAM Management LLC sold 1217 Updyke Drive, Swygerts Landing to Eastwood Construction LLC for $430,000.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 1624 Fetterbush Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to David L. and Kimberly C. Herrity for $165,990.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 2917 Waterleaf Road, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Giovanna S. Athias and Ciara A. Robinson for $269,510.

Kiawah Island

William J. Smith III and Yvette V. Smith sold Unit B, 1414 Shipwatch Road, Courtside Villas to Richard P. and Kathryn W. Cook for $205,000.

Mark J. and Janet G. Walker sold 154 Nicholas Carteret Circle, The Cassique to John W. Bluford for $370,000.


Amanda Wildhaber sold 3523 Galaxy Road, Paddock Pointe to Ashley E. and Brian K. Hamilton for $172,000.


Sharon A. Stephano sold 4892 Walking Horse Road, Golden Acres to Susan S. and John P. Wisman for $399,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

CHA Landing LLC sold 1159 Landau Lane, Carriage Hill Landing to Tyler K. and Stacy M. Rains for $189,990.

Scott A. and Janet H. Cracraft sold 3924 Colonel Vanderhorst Circle, Dunes West to Stephen M. Liviccori for $650,000.

Robin Solomon and Cheryl Dauber sold 710 Fox Pond Drive to Susan A. Coughlin for $235,000.

Blair F. and Bevin H. Googer sold 286 Hook Lane, Hidden Cove to Badi J. and M. Amanda Jones for $355,000.

Paul Hamilton Speights sold 1317 Hidden Lakes Drive, Hidden Lakes to Richard J. and Carla M. Gauthier for $382,500.

Cherie W. Blackburn sold 239 Coinbow Circle, Hobcaw Point to David P. Mauk for $785,000.

Michael A. Jakubowski and Elizabeth T. Horn sold 344 N. Shelmore Blvd., I’On to Geoffrey L. and Carla K. Gilman for $530,000.

Charles A. and Catherine A. Ledoux sold 3276 Seaborn Drive, Ivy Hall to Elizabeth M. Holland for $223,000.

Michael P. Leddy sold 1479 Goblet Ave., Jasper Terrace to Michael D. Brown and Ashley M. Felker for $400,000.

Sallie Kerley sold 1934 Trimbleston Place, Longpoint to Jesse A. Craig for $218,000.

Rodney and Luann VanPelt sold 1552 Capel St., Masonborough at Park West to Kirk A. and Donna M. Paulsen for $645,000.

Michael Sahn sold 544 Oak Park Drive, Oak Park to Eleanor E. Sahn for $330,000.

Pal Suranyi sold 1401 Water Oak Cut, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Brian K. and Kelli G. Priest for $246,125.

Howard and Carrie A. Langsam sold 2762 Parkers Landing Road, Parkers Landing at Rivertowne Country Club to Edward C. and Regina C. Seaton for $500,000.

Dorothy M. Murray sold 995 Provincial Circle, Patriots Province to John and Margaret Szteiter for $242,000.

Roy T. Mahshie sold 1510 Privateer Road, Pirates Cove to Erin P. and Eric R. Porter for $288,000.

Cynthia D. Gardner and Cynthia D. Graham sold 969 Sea Gull Drive, Shemwood to John L. Drennan for $315,000.

Michael J. and Elizabeth S. Gill sold 2635 Planter’s Pointe Blvd., Smokerise at Planter’s Pointe to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three LLC for $310,000.

Walter P. and Leslie K. Kern sold 1193 Chersonese Round, Snee Farm to Adria J. and Jacob Elliott for $785,700.

Paul Hamilton Speights sold 534 Speights St. to CarCar LLC for $365,000.

Winston-Carlyle Charleston National LLC sold 3117 Treadwell St., The Retreat at Charleston National Country Club to Betty S. and David L. Dawson for $298,801.

William H. Barnwell III sold 2932 Thornrose Lane, Thornewood to Dennis B. and Mara White for $364,000.

Helaine Kanter sold 1004 Zinser Lane, Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Ryan D. and Diane K.C. Robinson for $172,500.

Jane M. Ruggles sold 1556 Deenepark Circle, Ellington Woods to Kimberly H. Bush for $153,500.

North Charleston

Property Holdings of Charleston LLC sold 1155 Camden St. to Paul A. and Laura R. Johstono for $159,900.

Jonathan Boles sold 3067 Nantuckett Ave., The Reserve at Colony North to American Homes 4 Rent Properties Three LLC for $157,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 2986 Nantuckett Ave., The Reserve at Colony North to Brian M. Henderson and Rachel M. Bateman for $181,000.

Seabrook Island

Benjamin G. Hartzog sold 2455 Bateau Trace to Thomas and Ann M. Berghausen for $175,000.

Hazel Catherine Flaum sold 2479 Seabrook Island Road to James R. and Elizabeth A. Murphy for $325,000.

Robert H. and Tammie W. Lewis sold 2480 The Haulover to Rayond B. and Caitlin H. Cicero for $500,000.

Sullivan’s Island

2529 Atlantic Avenue LLC sold 2529 Atlantic Ave. to Russell D. and Elizabeth G. Morrison for $3.1 million.

Richard W. and Diana T. Browder sold 1315 Thompson Ave. to Ernest G. Jones III and Patricia B. Jones for $1.6 million.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Christopher G. and Bethany C. Goodier sold 4 Lyttleton Ave., Byrnes Down to George Hamilton Baker for $299,000.

Comline Properties LLC sold 1 Shuttle Court, Citadel Woods to Pragnesh and Nisha Patel for $170,000.

Centex Homes sold 1510 Pixley St., Cypress of Carolina Bay to Myron H. and Judith C. Lutz for $375,640.

James L. Bowlin II sold 25 Markfield Drive, Harrison Acres to Matthew S. and Joanna B. Yates for $228,000.

Julie Anne Peeples sold 1400 Cecilia Drive, Huntington Woods to Kyle M. Robeson and Amy L. Messer for $230,000.

David C. Leaird sold 1712 Sharon Ave., Northbridge Terrace to Lisa B. and Jay M. Rovick for $165,000.

John and Margaret E. Szteiter sold 1698 Dogwood Road, Pierpont to Tyler J. Olson for $189,250.

Andrew S. and Laura L. Brock sold 111 Chadwick Drive, South Windermere to Reese McGregor Stidham III for $310,000.

Mati LLC sold Unit 7 A, 623 Windermere Blvd. to VFC Properties 10 LLC for $2.6 million.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between March 4-8.


Centex Homes sold 1140 Euclid Drive, Cain Crossing to Laurie P. Lewis for $165,693.

Thomas Joseph and Megan Davis Gladden sold 305 Back Pond Court, Retreat at Beresford to Kevin J. Kissner for $318,000.

Daniel Island

Jane R. Hall sold Unit B 105, 200 River Landing Drive to Kay C. McCarthy for $275,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2517 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to Michael E. Virnig and Laura K. Rettle for $656,903.

Michael Warren sold 6015 Grand Council St. to April M. Galloway for $335,000.

Rennie M. and Donna Michele Singletary sold 843 Center Park St. to Jeb O. Barton for $330,000.

Goose Creek

Sabal Homes at Brickhope Greens LLC sold 320 Foster Greens Court, Brickhope Greens to Earl K. and Joselyn Johnson for $165,385.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 208 Nandina Drive, Liberty Village to Sharonna L. Memminger for $175,023.

Centex Homes sold 247 Old Carolina Drive, Brick Barn Pointe to Thomas S. and Elizabeth L. Beach for $184,865.

Todd R. and Stacia L. Hurt sold 104 Hollow Creek Circle, Brick Barn Pointe to Tyler B. Morris for $254,000.


Angie F. and Kent A. Britton sold 1425 Crossbill Trail, Tanner Plantation to Peter K. Lukich for $246,000.

Crescent Homes LLC sold 1022 Randy Kinard Lane, Mossey Creek to James M. and Tammy L. Herriott for $269,416.

Moncks Corner

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 202 Oglethorpe Circle, Cypress Manor to Bruce W. Fullmer for $163,152.

F&R QVI Home Investments USA LLC sold 330 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank Plantation to Marla V. Sharper and Gwendolyn S. Gadsden for $200,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 352 Fox Ridge Lane, Foxbank to Anthony A. Delay for $196,319.


Beazer Homes Corp. sold 202 Short Woods Court, Felder Creek to Jason C. Jaques for $185,920.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 130 Meadow Wood Road, Felder Creek to Brandy D. Baxley for $162,885.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 126 Royal Star Road, Cane Bay to Daryl Richard Stawicki for $213,060.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 373 Waterlily Way, Cane Bay to Martin H. and Karen R. Chesler for $242,465.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 413 Waterlily Way, Cane Bay to Conrad E. and Jette Ward for $254,940.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 155 Billowing Sails St., Cane Bay to Shirley D. and Howard E. Graham for $268,340.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between March 4-8.


Michael A. and Barbara H. Judd sold 104 Towering Pine Drive, Summerhaven to Sergio A. and Welieides M. La Porte for $180,000.

Three Pines Developers LLC sold 243 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Juaquinn E. and Arninya D. Welch for $184,629.

Stacy T. and Melissa L. Rourk sold 175 Sweet Alyssum Drive, Summer Park to Christopher R. Tripp for $232,000.

North Charleston

Ryland Group Inc. sold 5411 Overland Trail, Taylor Plantation to Stefan Anthony and Myella Herminia Leiba for $233,121.

Harris Street LLC sold 8516 Sentry Circle, Indigo Palms to Kevin F. Koetter for $214,614.

Vaughn Homes Inc. sold 8761 Alexandria Drive, Cedar Grove to Leisha C. and Eric S. Smith for $280,939.


Brian T. Olds sold 209 Fort St., Ashborough West to Manly H. and Fawn Rush for $190,000.

Dennis R. and Margaret T. Bradshaw sold 542 Pointe of Oaks Road, Legend Oaks Plantation to John J. and Deborah A. Sager for $220,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 118 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to Steven E .Wiles and Julianne J. Dicicco Wiles for $295,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 128 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to Andrew B. and Rachel L. Sample for $297,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold 103 Old Postern Road, Parsons Road to Ladson F. and Elizabeth C. Mills for $266,000.

Hunter S. and Perry W. Harris sold 17 Plantation Circle, Newington Plantation to Darrell and Denise Sooter for $268,000.

John F. and Cynthia Jean Wood sold 103 Laurels Curve, Irongate to Christopher and Lori Wise for $155,000.

Kevin C. and Amy E. Bower sold 625 Beverly Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Damian C. and Tia M. Leonard for $169,000.

Liberty Oak Inc. sold 102 Balsam Circle, Madison Ridge to Alan Y. Tyler for $190,950.

MLJ LLC sold 1009 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Toby R. and Danielle B. Housey for $206,919.

BFH Builders LLC sold 100 Sugarplum Drive, Sugarplum to Boyd D. and Melissa C. Garrett for $173,950.

Oleg V. & Viktor I. Krainev sold 219 Branch Creek Trail, Branch Creek Townhomes to Tamara Warren Crowley for $159,900.