Broken trust

Spouses cheating on each other has unfortunately become common enough that people don’t seem to get very surprised about it anymore.

However, the fact remains that Mark Sanford broke a serious trust with his ex-wife, Jenny.

And, while having the most important job in the state, Sanford totally disappeared and not only left the state but traveled out of the country to a very distant place, Argentina.

If he’d been actively serving in the military at that time when he went AWOL he’d still be in prison.

Sanford also had to pay a record amount in fines for his well-documented ethical violations that involved the misuse of taxpayer dollars. Yet he holds himself out as being a genuine guardian of public funds.

As fellow members of the human race we can and should extend forgiveness to Mr. Sanford.

But that doesn’t mean we should return him to an important leadership position where we could get burned by him again.

Waring S. Howe Jr.

Broad Street


Nobody’s perfect

Schuyler Kropf’s April 4 front-page article on Mark Sanford is an example of how far liberal journalists and the media will sink to denigrate someone opposed to their liberal and Democratic platforms.

There is no question that Sanford made some serious mistakes in his marital life but, in the end, he admitted his mistakes and apologized.

We need to vote for the person who will best serve the needs of South Carolina, and not who is the “most perfect man or woman.”

Sanford’s experience and know how in governmental affairs far outweigh his opponent’s.

Jesus says in John 8:7: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (the adultress).

I guess all the people who like to cast stones at Mr. Sanford are perfect people who have not sinned.

Keith Dumph

Gleneagles Drive