Playing favorites

I recently read in the newspaper about someone on the Charleston County Aviation Authority allegedly trying to steer construction work to a specific company, as part of a $200 million contract related to the passenger terminal at the Charleston International Airport.

The board chairman said police involvement was premature and he was conducting an investigation.

Who is responsible for investigating insurance companies that steer collision victims to certain body shops for repairs?

They tell customers they have recommended a certain shop, but then they tell customers that the insurance company won’t guarantee the work done by a shop they didn’t recommend.

As a body shop owner, I hope someone will step up to the plate and help put a stop to this game that insurance companies are playing.

If you have a collision and want to get your vehicle repaired by the shop of your choice, then demand to have your vehicle taken to that shop to be repaired, no questions asked.

Accept no excuses, and get your car repaired at the place you feel will do the best job.

I have owned a local paint and body shop for 28 years and have a good reputation, but this is getting old, and it’s even getting harder to live because of it.

Roger Sellars


Sellars Paint and Body Shop

Bramwell Drive


School cameras

I am 100 percent in favor of cameras in our schools — in classrooms and all other areas.

In the good old days, school administrators used to click on the PA systems and walk the hallways to monitor what was going on inside classrooms. Cameras would allow them fast and easy access to almost all areas on their campuses.

I would rather surrender some of my child’s “right to privacy” in favor of cameras than find out that a teacher was acting inappropriately or that my child was being mistreated.

While the installation of cameras would require some initial monetary investment, I am sure it can be done for a fraction of the cost of liability lawsuits and attorneys’ fees.

Sharon Cook

Cashew Street


Rough landing

What are flight-weary least terns going to do when they lose their pebbled, flat nesting area atop the soon to be razed Red & White at the Isle of Palms?

Don’t you believe, as I do, that “one good tern deserves another”?

Donald J. Budman

Poston Road


Inspiring heroes

Recently, you published an article about the history of the Medal of Honor and its connection to Charleston.

A reunion of Medal of Honor recipients was held here a couple of years ago, and I was privileged to meet most of the living recipients.

One thing about them stood out, besides their heroic acts. They were a humble, quiet group of men who had “done their job” when called upon, and happened to be the people who made the difference at the moment it was necessary.

Our local treasure, Gen.James E. Livingston, U.S. Marine Corps (retired), a Medal of Honor recipient, has become a good friend.

What I have learned as the result of knowing this fine man is the great responsibility they carry, as representatives of this distinct group.

Gen. Livingston gives of his time, money and ability to communicate the fragility of our freedom, every day. He does these things quietly and humbly.

His lovely wife, Sara, is the rock that keeps the home fires burning when the general is called away, all too often to serve over and over.

The general spoke at my annual Wounded Warrior Fundraiser Luncheon last year, and everyone in the room heard an incredible message of devotion, duty and compassion for those who serve our nation.

I heard a man who lives in physical pain every day, but would defend our freedom again at any moment he was called, and more importantly, does not seek the fame that has followed him, but “wears the medal well.”

God bless every service man and woman, and God bless America.

Terry Hamlin

Carolina One Real Estate

Highway 17 North

Mount Pleasant

Profit motive

The chief executive of Kiawah Partners conveniently left out his most important reason for developing Captain Sam’s Spit.

With apologies to “Field Of Dreams”: “If you build it, I will make money.”

We have enough coastal development here in the Lowcountry, but developers, fueled by demand for coastal retreats and by artificially low interest rates, are eager to continue the onslaught.

By all means let’s have a few more McMansions on our fragile dunes. Captain Sam would be proud.

Lawrence Odell

Pinehurst Lane

Pawleys Island

Remove signs

Now that the primary is over, when can we expect Jonathan Huffman, Elizabeth Moffly, Chip Limehouse and Teddy Turner to remove their campaign signs off Clements Ferry Road and Route 41?

Rita Pancake

Ole Oak Drive