MOSEY with a few tens-on-tens of thousands of people trying to wedge their way down Main Street and Azalea Park sidewalks, and know that no one is going anywhere in a hurry. Nearby streets will be packed with cars trying to park. No matter where you park, it’s a walk to the festival, and you will spend your day mostly on your feet.

MUCK it up. The rain might be gone but the ground is still soggy in low spots. On Friday, people already were edging off the sidewalk into the muck to get past those who were especially slow at moseying.

SNEAK off to Hutchinson Square to sample an authentic Summerville treat, a soda fountain malted milkshake and hot dog at Guerin’s Pharmacy, for about $5.

STICK just about any kind of swag in the wallet. Most booth vendors take cash, check or credit. The Summerville YMCA tent at Main and West Fifth South Street is running credit cards for those that don’t. Just across West Fifth North is the booth to get $1 tickets needed to buy food. Four ATMs are on site.

MAP it out if you don’t know the turf. Lots of cool booths are in nooks. Deciphering the town’s “West Fifth South” street-naming scheme is taxing, unless you have the key: “North” is west; “west” is south; “South” is east. And “east” doesn’t really exist until you get to Charleston.

IMPRESS other newbies with your knowledge of local lore. The drainage creek running through Azalea Park is called Pike’s Hole, because a few generations ago kids in the town could catch redfin pike there. The four vintage cottages set back in their own lane between Town Hall and the park are called Poker Row because for years, a not-so-legal money poker game was dealt out on a few of the front porches.

Bo Petersen