JOHNS ISLAND — Democratic 1st Congressional District candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch painted a bright picture today about the possibility of creating more jobs in South Carolina.

Her campaign theme contrasts with her Republican rival’s — former Gov. Mark Sanford’s — in two ways. While she talks primarily about creating jobs, Sanford’s main talking about is the need to cut spending.

Sanford’s stump speech also begins with sobering remarks about how this nation is at a fiscal “tipping point” if Washington doesn’t reign in its spending and debt. Colbert Busch is more upbeat about the economic future.

“We’re going to be joyful about the things and the opportunities and the possibilities that our district has,” she said at a campaign stop today. “Things are positive. We have great assets, and we’re going to take those assets and build upon them.

Meanwhile, Colbert Busch’s Democratic primary opponent, Ben Frasier, has endorsed Sanford — the first time he has made an endorsement in more than a dozen unsuccessful attempts to running.

“He will make a wonderful congressman, and I’m betting on it that he’ll be the winner,” Frasier said of Sanford.

Frasier’s conservative message has caused many to wonder why he has run as a Democrat, but he said he is not a GOP plant.

Asked about Frasier’s decision, Colbert Busch said, “I think the 96-4 percent vote (her March 19 victory margin over Frasier) probably speaks for itself.”

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