Mamie Poole’s President Street porch was awash Sunday with the aftermath of a hard rain that also affected church services and disrupted family gatherings.

The house where she has lived for 25 years has long been afflicted by poor street drainage, she said.

“Today is really, really bad. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” she said as trash floated by on the receding waters.

Record rainfall of more than 3 inches in a few hours was reported in Charleston and North Charleston. The rain is over but don’t get too comfortable because steady winds of 20-to-35 mph are anticipated today with gusts up to 45 mph. A gale warning is in effect for Charleston Harbor and adjacent coastal waters, according to the National Weather Service, which also said freezing temperatures and frost are possible Tuesday through Thursday.

On Sunday, Poole, 66, pointed to a fire hydrant just down the street that she said was covered with water earlier in the day. Services were canceled at nearby Nichols Chapel AME Church because of the high water near the Septima Clark Parkway, she said.

At mid-afternoon, a foot-deep flood lapped at her home just below the porch. Earlier in the day at high tide, vehicles that cruised past created a wake that pushed the water through her front door, she said, pointing to towels she had used to mop up.

“I actually cried today. I consider myself a very strong person,” she said.

She worried about disease and bacteria in the water. Mud and trash would be left behind on the sidewalk and in the street, she said.

On Gordon Street, a man driving a big truck was busy retrieving Sunday dinner from a relative’s house socked in by the high water. The family planned to take the food to another house in North Charleston and eat there.

A neighbor, Bobby Anderson, had a foot of water up to the porch steps. He said the main problem was trucks racing by and kicking up a wake. The sort of flooding that occurred Sunday happens about twice a year, he said.

“If it rains again, we would really have a problem,” he said.

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