The Charleston Recreation Department’s Hershey’s Track and Field Meet at James Island Charter High School drew more than 160 local youngsters ages 9-14 from area schools.

Students from the following schools participated: Pinehurst, St. Andrew’s Math and Science, Stiles Point, Harbor View, Apple Charter, Angel Oak, Fort Johnson and unattached (home school).

Hershey’s Track and Field ( is a national program with the top qualifiers in each event earning an opportunity to participate in a national meet in Hershey, Pa.

Remaining local events include: March 30, West Ashley High School, call 225-1034 or email; April 6, Doc Hursey Track, North Charleston, call 745-1033 or email; and April 20, Park West, Mount Pleasant, call 296-9442 or email

The district meet will be May 18 at West Ashley High School. The top two qualifiers from each local meet advance to the district. The state Hershey’s Track and Field Meet is scheduled June 1 at Park West.

ResultsGirls ages 9-10

50-meter: Tia Lucas, Murray-LaSaine, 8.47; Desiree Butler, Pinehurst, 8.56; Lyla Trainum, Stiles Point, 8.68.

100-meter: Jasmine Simpson, St. Andrew’s, 17.00; Kimber Keene, Stiles Point, 17.03; Lyla Trainum, Stiles Point, 17.63.

200-meter: Olivia Poteat, St. Andrew’s, 36.66; Emilee Poteat, St. Andrew’s, 37.82; Kimber Keene, Stiles Point, 38.16.

400-meter: Desiree Butler, Pinehurst, 1:23.92; Isabelle Jordan, Stiles Point, 1:28.59; Julia Beebe, Stiles Point, 1:31.65.

Long jump: Desiree Butler, Pinehurst, 5-10.00; Olivia Mikell, Stiles Point, 5-60.00; Genevive Geils, Unattached, 5-05.00; Tia Lucas, Murray-LaSaine, 5-05.00; Kimber Keene, stiles Point, 5-05.00.

Shot put: Jasmine Simpson, St. Andrew’s, 60-07.00; Destiny Mitchell, Angel Oak, 49-09.00; Au’Niya Dawkins, Angel Oak, 43-00.00.

Girls ages 11-12

100-meter: Alex Simpson, St. Andrew’s, 15.44; KyAna Webb, Pinehurst, 15.56; Dessie Nietert, Stiles Point, 15.71.

200-meter: Bernardica Brown, Angel Oak, 34.28; Samantha Mitchell, Angel Oak, 34.38; Alex Simpson, St. Andrew’s, 34.81.

400-meter: KyAna Webb, Pinehurst, 1:15.93; Samantha Mitchell, Angel Oak, 1:19.16; Isabella Mikell, Stiles Point, 1:27.00.

800-meter: Avery Alea, Fort Johnson, 2:55.30; Allison Jordan, Fort Johnson, 3:06.90; Claire Kunkle, St. Andrew’s, 3:46.60.

Long jump: Dessie Nietert, Stiles Point, 6-02.00; Bernadica Brown, Angel Oak, 6-01.00; KyAna Webb, Pinehurst, 6-01.00.

Shot put: Maya Lucas, Murray-LaSaine, 72-06.50; Jalyn Jones, Stiles Point, 60-07.50; Shelby Anderson, St. Andrew’s, 55-04.75.

Girls ages 13-14

100-meter: Makaila Fields, Apple Charter, 15.44; Daranasa Russell, Apple Charter, 15.72.

800-meter: Cynthia Westberry, Fort Johnson, 3:00.31; Ann Stalvey, Fort Johnson, 3:07.00.

1,600-meter: Cynthia Westberry, Fort Johnson, 6:27.03; Ann Stalvey, Fort Johnson, 6:32.20.

Long jump: Makaila Fields, Apple Charter, 6-01.00.

Boys ages 9-10

50-meter: Kareem Elliott, Murray-LaSaine, 8.12; Mathew Beauchesne, Stiles Point, 8.25; Darryl White, Murray-LaSaine, 8.30.

100-meter: Kareem Elliott, Murray LaSaine, 15.42; Elliott Dupree, Stiles Point, 15.75; Mathew Beauchesne, Stiles Point, 16.24.

200-meter: Ky’juan Mack, Pinehurst, 33.59; David Ball, St. Andrew’s, 35.25; Jonnathian Davis-Grant, Stiles Point, 35.35.

400-meter: Ky’juan Mack, Pinehurst, 1:18.77; David Ball, St. Andrew’s, 1:22.28; Oscar Hernandez, Angel Oak, 1:23.16.

Long jump: Ky’juan Mack, Pinehurst, 6-01.00; Marvin Matthews, Stiles Point, 5-11.00; Ethan McCoin, Harbor View, 5-08.00.

Shot put: Devon Smalls, Murray-LaSaine, 85-03.00; David Ball, St. Andrew’s, 78-03.50; Kareem Elliott, Murray-LaSaine, 76-05.75.

Boys ages 11-12

100-meter: Mickell Grant, Fort Johnson, 14.00; Trevon Washington, Murray-LaSaine, 14.14; PeAir Brodrick, Pinehurst, 14.15.

200-meter: Carson Tillman, Stiles Point, 31.78; Reese Tillman, Stiles Point, 32.50; Khalid Gadson, unattached, 32.62.

400-meter: Mickell Grant, Fort Johnson, 1:05.44; Christian Geils, unattached, 1:16.06; Khalid Gadson, unattached, 1:16.21.

800-meter: Nicholas Leader, Fort Johnson, 2:52.53; Enrique Boyd, Pinehurst, 2:54.21; Joseph Keene, Fort Johnson, 2:59.96.

4x100-meter relay: Pinehurst A (Charlie Reyes, PeAir Brodrick, Enrique Boyd, Don Holloway), 1:04.38.

Long jump: Sidney Valentine, Stiles Point, 6-09.50; Joseph Keene, Fort Johnson, 6-08.00; PeAir Brodrick, Pinehurst, 6-07.00.

Shot put: Trevon Washington, Murray-LaSaine, 131-06.50; Don Holloway, Pinehurst, 127-00.00; Dangelo McClain, Murray-LaSaine, 105-05.00.

Boys ages 13-14

100-meter: Robert Washington, Pinehurst, 13.25; Qua ‘Vonta Washington, Apple Charter, 14.62; David Seagle, Fort Johnson, 15.57.

200-meter: Robert Washington, Pinehurst, 27.74; DeAngelo Mitchell, Angel Oak, 44.31.

800-meter: Connor Sneed, Fort Johnson, 3:02.25.

1,600-meter: Connor Sneed, Fort Johnson, 6:30.80.

Long jump: John Davies, unattached, 7-03.00; DeAngelo Mitchell, Angel Oak, 4-02.00.

Shot put: David Seagle, Fort Johnson, 188-01.00; Robert Washington, Pinehurst, 152-03.00; Oscar Polite, Apple Charter, 106-08.00.