Save trees and lives

Surely the DOT (Destroyer Of Trees) has at least one intelligent engineer who can come up with a better solution than just bulldozing the environment on I-26. Such an irresponsible decision is totally unacceptable.

The best solution, as one reader suggested, is to put the multi-million dollars required for this travesty into law enforcement instead, lowering speed limits, providing frequent pull-offs for rest, etc. Just adding a cable barrier isn’t going to solve the problem, only increase it since the trees now prevent wayward cars from hitting oncoming traffic whereas flipping over low barriers occurs every day. Facts and common sense confirm that the loss of lives on this stretch is not due to the trees — accidents are the result of careless, speeding, inattentive, sleepy or intoxicated drivers. Their choices often result in death, and these incidents will continue until the driving public becomes more alert and responsible.

It is a shame, but typical, that the taxpaying public has no say in this horrendous decision, but must foot the bill to let others ravage oxygen-giving, wildlife friendly, sun glare protective, delightful trees.

My heart breaks for the possible loss of these treasures and for us who have to put up with this DOT and governmental nonsense.

S.M. Renaud

Regatta Road


Scare tactics

What a shame. The Post and Courier has become a shill for the Coastal Conservation League. Not only is executive director Dana Beach given space to write frequent commentaries on issues he supports, but now the newspaper, as in the Feb. 26 editorial on cruise ship emissions, repeats his hyperbole without any reasonable research or verification.

Some facts: Tractor trailers emit little sulfur dioxide because the EPA mandates that the fuel they burn contain no more than 15 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur. This means that sulfur emissions are low. It means nothing in regard to other gases and particulates.

When the new Marpol standards apply in 2015, cruise ship fuel burned in port will contain no more than 1,000 ppm of sulfur. This means the Carnival Fantasy while in port will emit probably less than a pound an hour of sulfur.

In itself, the sulfur emitted by the cruise ship is barely significant. It becomes insignificant when considering cruise ships are in port for a total of only 20 hours in any week, the terminal is on the extreme eastern side of the peninsula and prevailing winds blow most of the time, to the north, south and east away from the Peninsula.

The incessant call by CCL and The Post and Courier for shoreside power seems motivated by something other than common sense. It can’t be because of a fear of sulfur dioxide pollution.

Warwick Jones

Anson Street


Faithful example

The rumors about Pope Benedict XVI abdicating to become pope emeritus, dressed in a pope’s traditional white robes, being addressed as “Your Holiness,” living in a luxurious apartment in the Vatican are all terrible slanders designed only to further discredit the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Obviously, the truth is that he will follow the only path befitting the retiring Vicar of Christ on Earth. And so we can expect to see that upon his retirement, Pope Benedict will become once again a humble priest in a traditional black cassock, addressed as “Father Ratzinger” by his brothers in an obscure monastery in the Italian Alps where he will devote himself to prayer and ministering to the poor.

By his example, the faithful will have the true answer to the question, “What would Jesus do?”

George Black

Endicot Way

Mount Pleasant

Unhealthy tonic

Finally I’ve found something upon which Paul Krugman and I agree. Back on Feb. 21 his column in The Post and Courier said, “Economics 101 tells us to be very cautious about attempts to legislate market outcomes.”

He’s absolutely right. We cannot afford our existing health care system of doctors, patients and insurance companies.

How can we expect to be able to afford the same system of doctors, patients and insurance companies when we overlay it with a huge government bureaucracy?

Terry Williamson

Spalding Circle

Goose Creek

True motives

How refreshing it would be if one of the current political candidates would declare that he is running because of the great salary, power and benefits.

Instead they all seem to be dedicated to cutting spending (except for South Carolina projects), fixing Washington or fulfilling a life-long desire to unselfishly serve their fellow man.

A.D. Heathcock

Palisades Drive

Mount Pleasant

Plenty of cents

My Welsh Corgi, Grace, got into a bag of very toxic pennies last week. After she barfed up 13 pennies, we rushed to Veterinary Speciality Care on West Montague.

Thanks to Dr. Chris Powers and his staff, who acted quickly, we got her fixed up.

The choices were stick this gizmo down her throat and scoop out what they could or open her up to make sure all the pennies were removed.

The X-ray showed a sizable white mass of at least 50 pennies. We decided it best to open her up because if one penny was to move into her small intestine, it could be much worse.

During the surgery, they removed an additional 57 pennies. The staff was wonderful in caring for Grace and called to keep me informed of her condition.

She spent 24 hours there being monitored, and then we were able to take her home.

Melissa Garvan

Lakefront Drive