John Kuhn’s long-running feud with perceived 1st Congressional District front-runner Mark Sanford boiled over Thursday when he hit the Appalachian Trail story head on.

A seemingly polite Republican forum in which the candidates took turns talking in groups of five escalated when Kuhn was making his closing pitch.

“I’ve never cheated on my wife, and I’m not going to,” he told about 100 people inside North Charleston City Hall. “If you send me to Washington, there will be no scandals.”

Kuhn and Sanford have a bad relationship dating to Sanford’s time as governor, when Kuhn was a state senator from Charleston. The comment was the most memorable grenade of the night. Sanford declined to comment afterward.

Other highlights included:

Best recovery from an awkward moment

The forum’s host introduced Teddy Turner by telling the crowd “Jane Fonda is not his mother.”

Turner took back the room’s momentum by getting the audience to stand for the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

Best defense for slowing down gun control

Former Dorchester County Sheriff Ray Nash said he didn’t want a health professional to be empowered with taking away the gun rights of soldiers returning with post-traumatic stress disorder without their due process.

Best Republican defense of reforming the social safety net

Army veteran Shawn Pinkston of Daniel Island: “The problem is the ‘safety net’ is now the ‘cast net.’ And once you are caught in it, you are not going to get out.”