In mining classes, workers are taught what to do when underground.

Keep your helmet on. Don’t forget your flashlight, but if you do, don’t light a match.

But it’s probably safe to say that mining students never were taught how dangerous it can be for mine workers to do the Harlem Shake.

Now they know — at least more than a dozen Australian workers know.

They lost their jobs when some of them performed a 30-second dance in an underground pit.

They were told they had breached safety and undermined the company’s reputation. They had on all the safety gear they were required to wear, but they did breach rules by taking off their shirts during the dance. They didn’t want the company’s logo to show in the video.

Meanwhile, aviation officials are investigating safety concerns after a group of Colorado college students performed the dance during a flight.

And The Citadel has not said if it will punish cadets whose rendition of the Harlem Shake went viral on YouTube.

In Tunisia, conservative Muslims have condemned the dance craze, and young people indulging in it have been attacked.

But no one seems to have a problem with the residents of Stoneybrook Assisted Living Facility in Corvallis, N.Y.

They include an 88-year-old man, a 66-year-old man, and 87-year-old Ethel Norgar in a bunny suit.

More than 1,400 YouTube viewers have checked them out.

So now what do we say about ageism?