Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Feb. 5-8.


Regina and Anthoney Cook sold 127 Fishburne St. to Patrick H. Hall for $335,000.

Marc J. Engelke sold 438 Huger St. to Jason and Alan Fletcher for $266,500.

Ronald E. and Darlene L. Anderson sold 10 Kenilworth Ave. to Jonathan A. and Lauren O. Sanchez for $275,000.

Anastasia Gandy sold 60 Maple St. to Jamie B. Italiano for $325,000.

Deborah Winston sold 192 Rutledge Ave. to 192 Rutledge LLC for $475,000.

Leander R. Waring sold 24 South Tracy St. to Maxim Investment Associates LLC for $218,500.

Joyce M. Jarvis sold Unit 610, 1 King St., Fort Sumter House to Gordon C. Strauss for $485,000.

Isle of Palms

Douglas P. and Carol H. Brown sold 3400 Hartnett Blvd. to John A. and Dawn M. Hillman for $232,800.

Susan Hayes Boehm sold 612 Ocean Blvd. to Bella Vista IOP LLC and Renuka Malik for $2.3 million.

Wells Fargo Bank sold 508 Ocean Blvd. to Cynthia and Stephen Althoff for $1.9 million.

Thomas Malick sold 2901 Palm Blvd. to Mather Leasing LLC for $923,500.

5C LLC sold Unit 318C, 7600 Palmetto Drive, Shipwatch to Richard H. West for $525,000.

James Island

Helen Langworthy sold 1527 Brookbank Ave., Bayfront to Jamie Sue Goodman for $200,000.

Kenneth D. Grotjan II and Mandy S. Grotjan sold 1318 Battle Ground Road, Fort Lamar to Douglas S. and Sheri M. Walls for $423,000.

Shawn and Elizabeth Ransford sold 752 Grimsley Drive, Lighthouse Point to Larry Kenneth Autry for $460,000.

DeLa LLC sold 2226 Backwater Court, Stone Edge to Mary E. and Dustin J. Mixon for $237,500.

Johns Island

Robert and Barbara Williams sold 29 Burroughs Hall, Plantation Woods to George E. and Sue W. Covucci for $180,000.

Nikki J. Mercer sold 64 Salthouse Lane, The Settlement to Paul N. and Sharon S. Gehrig for $1.7 million.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1501 Thoroughbred Blvd., Brownswood Farms to Kimberly Kendall Briggs for $189,100.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 1764 Bee Balm Road, St. Johns Crossing to Rita Y. Shuler for $189,165.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3426 Needwood Forest Drive, Staffordshire to G. Elizabeth Conly for $230,782.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3453 Thorpe Constantine Ave., Staffordshire to Heidi A. Raesemann for $228,726.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 1703 Brittlebush Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Margaret A. and William C. Chamberlain for $159,900.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Daniel G. and Jessica B. Murrin sold 2464 Cotton Creek Drive, Cotton Creek to 2464 Cotton Creek LLC for $225,000.

Melanie B. Valk sold 709 Vision Road, Cove Inlet Villas to Gregory M. Wile for $165,000.

Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union sold 1112 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. to J. Franklin Jackson Jr. for $600,000.

Carolina Coastal Investment Ventures LLC sold 741 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. to El Cid Bravo LLC for $1.6 million.

James H. Johnson III sold 2395 Bergeron Way, Highmarsh at Planter’s Pointe to Willard D. and Rebecca L. Macsems for $296,000.

LC Acquisitions LLC sold 3073 Neighbors Way, Liberty Cottages to Robert and Faye Seigel for $466,180.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3611 Franklin Tower Drive, Lieben Park to Robert H. Brady and Crystal L. Whilden for $281,145.

Edward P. Gerber sold 1180 Holly Bend Drive, Magnolia Grove at Brickyard Plantation to Quincy L. Shiver for $332,000.

William Patrick Kirchner sold 1287 Lake Mallard Blvd., Mallard Lakes to Sara T. Colbert for $218,000.

TA Home Builders LLC sold 1657 Ware Bottom Lane, Pinckney Place to Jaimie L. Sullivan and James N. Cox for $330,000.

Raymond H. Scott Jr. sold 1715 Scott Singleton Lane to Losajes Ltd for $330,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 3216 Hatchway Drive, The Harbour to Matthew S. and Monika Dailey for $536,674.

JW Homes LLC sold 2049 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to William S. Frodyma and Marilyn H. Pease for $280,144.

Howard R. Chapman sold 1677 Lauda Drive, The Reserve at Wando East to Jotan Enterprises III LLC for $192,500.

Hamlin Plantation LLC sold 4875 Sound View Drive, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Guy Sansone for $630,000.

Edward W. and Carolyn N. Newton sold 725 Hawksbill Court, Wakendaw Lakes to David L. Shuford Jr. and Anna M. Shuford for $445,000.

Zebulon H. Snider sold 1624 Babington Way, Wando Lakes to Erica L. and Mark W. Soike for $232,500.

Amiee T. and Stephen R. Slesinski sold 1008 Black Rush Circle, Whispering Marsh at Dunes West to David and Christine Lee for $340,000.

Steven and Susan M. Deese sold Unit 612, 275 South Plaza Court, Renaissance on Charleston Harbor to Teresa F. Smith Jr. and William C. Smith for $785,000.

North Charleston

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 2482 Stadium Drive, University Park to Savannah Jordan Frierson for $153,180.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 7698 Kinston St., Brookdale to Thomas E. and Angelyna Livengood for $188,500.

Kelley F. Dinkins sold 7842 Expedition Drive, Colony North to John J. Dantzler and Anastasia N. Lopez for $150,000.


Wilton H. Seyle sold 6071 Roper Run Road to Mark D. Cahoon for $200,000.

Sullivan’s Island

Alison Brewer sold 1749 Middle St. to Raymond J. and Mary E. Dlugos for $1.9 million.


Don C. and Janice G. Lancaster sold 9616 Cumbria Court, Buckshire to Tyler F. Hall for $155,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 610 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Brent William Merle for $186,050.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 204 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Jason and Rory P. Nathanson for $161,490.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 600 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Madalina N. Bramwell for $191,330.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 202 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Peter Creel for $168,190.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

James M. and Cynthia L. Gaetano sold 2004 Wadsbury Lane, Asheford Place at Canterbury Woods to William N. and Mandy P. Gainey for $175,000.

Manorhouse Builders of South Carolina LLC sold 4127 Veritas St., Ashley Park to Charles R. and Damaris L. Torrent for $153,500.

James K. Warren sold 14 Riverdale Drive, Avondale to John F. Kennedy for $205,500.

Bimi Properties LLC sold 13 Apollo Road, Carolina Terrace to Grenville H. Winthrop for $291,000.

Edward C. Holscher III and Laurie B. Holscher sold 1514 Gardenia Road, Fairfield Pines to Alysia M. Bridgman and Jennifer M. Coody for $231,400.

Blackfish Group LLC sold 60 Boardman Road, Grove Creek Village to Martha Hayes Martin for $215,000.

Lara Lee Allison sold 1620 Nemours Drive, Isle De Nemours to Christopher R.N. Robinson for $270,000.

Suzanne Grace Evans sold 1504 S. Pinebark Lane, North Pinepoint to Tyson S. and Emily N. Schey for $398,500.

Christina Aileen Dulock sold 413 Betsy Road, Rotherwood Estates to Joseph S. and Jolinda B. Schreiber for $181,000.

Patricia A. Mintz sold 21 Shadowmoss Parkway, Shadowmoss to Terrell C. Graham for $247,500.

Timothy C. and Rhea P. Kafer sold 305 Truluck Drive, Sienna at Bee’s Landing to Jennifer L. Quade for $177,000.

Ivan M. Goldberg sold 51 Chadwick Drive, South Windermere to Elizabeth M. Rosen for $287,500.

Harold H. Norvell Jr. sold 17 Jamaica Drive, South Windermere to Windermere LLC for $250,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Feb. 5-8.


Angela C. Gimbert and Angela G. Artigues sold 223 Grand Park Blvd., Beresford Hall to Susan Kenley for $900,000.

Centex Homes sold 1150 Euclid Drive, Cain Crossing to Jack L. Myers for $164,118.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 470 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Amberly C. Dennis-Beckwith and Daniel C. Beckwith for $272,645.

Daniel Island

Michelle N. Gardner sold 181 King George St., Ralston Creek to Michael R. Zetz for $167,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2509 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to Brijinder S. and Goldi G. Malhi for $561,986.

Cline Construction LLC sold 1397 Smythe St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Thomas O. and Sara Hester for $789,000.

Goose Creek

Ryland Group Inc. sold 509 Nandina Drive, Liberty Village to Robert L. and Rowena S. Chapman for $174,050.


Anthony J. Bruno sold 7228 Mossy Creek Lane, Mossy Creek to Rosalie C. Travers for $309,950.

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. sold 7325 Coopers Hawk Drive, Tanner Plantation to Robert A. Hodges for $219,900.

Moncks Corner

David M. Blackwell sold 1234 Edward Drive, Fairlawn Barony to Daniel E. and Erin Paige Lecroy for $153,000.

Karen M. May and Karen M. Wilcox sold 1425 Sterling Oaks Drive, Sterling Oaks to Michael A. and Amanda Speck for $265,000.

First Barony LLC sold 315 Drayton Place Drive, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Shiniece Reese for $150,169.

Oakley Pointe LLC sold 514 English Oak Circle, Oakley Pointe to Austin L. and Lakeisha D. Gowan for $171,205.

First Coast Homes of SC LLC sold 200 Oglethorpe Circle, Cypress Manor to Rhonda Lee Moore for $207,500.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 307 Southern Sugar Ave., Cypress Ridge to Keoma L. Boone for $209,470.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 204 Black Gum Circle, Cypress Ridge to Paul D. and Nancy L. Floyd for $223,000.

BFH Builders LLC sold 184 Blackstone Drive, Blackstone to Franklin J. and Jennifer M. Vesser for $156,000.


Adam C. Horne sold 334 Peters Creek Drive, Tidal Creek to Frank W. McCoy for $166,000.

Centex Homes sold 119 Beacon Falls Court, Cane Bay to Robert J. and Stephanie B. Woodruff for $249,045.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 502 Sea Foam St., Cane Bay to Barbara A. and Frank K. Bond for $180,765.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Feb. 5-8.


Centex Homes sold 9632 Roseberry St., McKewn Plantation to Scott W. Schneider for $162,740.

Centex Homes sold 9642 Roseberry St., McKewn Plantation to Martha L. Conover for $163,085.

Centex Homes sold 9752 Seed St., McKewn Plantation to Arthur Reed Hopkins for $185,800.

North Charleston

Dana W. and Karen Elaine Geiger sold Unit 1703, 5150 Trump St., Pines at Charleston Park to Lisa Abendroth for $153,500.


David E. and Donna L. Butler sold 104 Orchard Park Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Gregory J. and Teresa A. Peck for $250,000.

Deborah Bell and Anne Bell McFalls sold 906 South Main St. to E. Steven and Susan Gardner for $152,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 306 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to Edgar L. Keneipp for $287,115.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 106 Ribbon Road, The Ponds to William Charles and Belita Shapiro for $349,170.

Edith Menzel sold 112 Plantation Drive, Newington Plantation to James R. and Becky C. Grate for $165,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Decision LLC sold 104 Tortoise St., The Ponds to Jerome F. Groman for $343,966.

James F. and Katrina K. Elsworth sold 219 Chipping Sparrow Drive, Arbor Walk to Anita Jaqua and Tyrone Jemone Shaw for $150,000.

Roy D. and Elizabeth L. Ragsdale sold 109 Seven Oaks Lane, Kings Grant to Brent A. and Angela L. Hamic for $236,000.

Myers Mill sold 1211 Cosmos Road, Myers Mill to Barbara R. Johnson for $173,670.

Thomas Glyn and Rebecca Nicole Brown sold 131 Helms Drive, Scotch Range to John C and Lori A. Pippin for $265,000.