A no-smoking zone around Roper Hospital and the Medical University of South Carolina will be implemented on Friday, but an MUSC spokeswoman said it is not the university’s intention to fine smokers who break the new policy.

“While the new city ordinance empowers us to ticket those who refuse to comply with the smoking ban for the medical district, this is not our goal. In fact, our officers and staff are encouraged to offer a temporary nicotine replacement coupon good at one of our pharmacies to ease cravings while on campus,” MUSC spokeswoman Heather Woolwine wrote in an email.

MUSC campus police are tasked with the new policy’s enforcement.

Tobacco is already banned at both MUSC and Roper, but the new district creates an even broader no-smoking zone around both campuses.

The ban includes any form of lit tobacco, including cigarettes, pipes and cigars in about a 10-block radius around MUSC and Roper.