The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Boeing Co. plans to cut hundreds of workers at its North Charleston plant, mostly contract employees.

The report cited an unidentified person familiar with the plan.

The cuts primarily affect workers employed through outside contractors, the newspaper said on its website.

Boeing has more than 6,000 workers, mostly direct employees, supporting its 787 campus in North Charleston.

Boeing spokesman Marc Birtel would not discuss any specific job cuts at the plant with the Journal.

“As we progress in improving efficiencies in our processes, training our entry-level employees, and growing the experience of our team in South Carolina, we expect to continue to reduce reliance” on contract labor in order “to meet our production objectives,” he said in an email to the newspaper.

The report came on the same day that direct employees got their annual bonuses.

The job cuts started late last year, the person told the Journal. That was before overheating problems with batteries on two 787s led to the global grounding of the new jet.

That has forced Boeing to halt all Dreamliner deliveries, but the company has maintained that the grounding orders have not affected production.

Boeing is working to assemble 10 Dreamliners a month — three in North Charleston and seven in Everett, Wash. — by the end of this year.

Boeing commercial aircraft chief Ray Conner said today in Tokyo that the company has devised a “permanent” solution for the battery problem, according to an Associated Press report.

He did not elaborate.