SULLIVAN’S ISLAND — A newly designed military vehicle will be tested here, officials said.

The workout in the surf is part of an evaluation process for the vehicle prior to delivery, said Tommy Pruitt, a spokesman for defense contractor General Dynamics Land Systems.

“We’re not offering a lot of details about the vehicle. We can only say it’s a military vehicle. Part of the testing will be done in the community,” Pruitt said.

Testing will happen between March 4 and April 20. During that time, the vehicle also will be put through its paces in fresh water at a public boat landing managed by Berkeley County, according to a presentation made to Town Council on Tuesday night.

Specific dates and locations for the testing were not available, Pruitt said.

The vehicle that moves on land and water was made elsewhere, he said, but the testing is being done here because of more favorable weather conditions.

Town Council OK’d the activity, and on Tuesday received an update on it. “They have not indicated exactly where they are going to do the testing. We don’t know much about the vehicle,” Councilman Jerry Kaynard said.

The test will be conducted safely in a secure area, he said.

“Council felt it was an appropriate activity,” Kaynard said. “We were really trying to accommodate a local company.”

Mayor Carl Smith said he thought the testing would be fun to watch.

“Historically, Sullivan’s Island has been involved in the military since 1670,” he said.

Smith said the council was curious about what the vehicle looked like.

“Once they start maneuvers out here, anybody can take pictures,” he said.

Pruitt said a photo of the vehicle was not available for public release.

“Swim and surf testing” will occur near Charleston Harbor. The vehicle will be launched at a private boat landing and/or beach entrance, according to a copy of the presentation to council.

All required approvals have been obtained from local, state and federal regulators, the document states.

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