The Port of Charleston is studying the best ways to move shipping containers from Wando Terminal in Mount Pleasant to a planned rail yard on the former Navy Base in North Charleston, and inter-harbor barges could be one solution.

“We’d like to consider the idea of an inter-harbor container barge,” SPA President and CEO Jim Newsome told members of North Charleston City Council Tuesday night. “We have to look at creative ways of moving containers within the harbor, and to this ICTF (intermodal container transfer facility).”

Currently, many of the shipping containers that arrive at Wando Terminal, on ships that can carry thousands at a time, are trucked via Interstate 526 to existing rail yards in North Charleston.

With a new port terminal expected to open on the south end of the former Navy Base in 2018, a planned rail yard on a different section of the base property will be the destination for containers from that terminal and existing terminals in Mount Pleasant and North Charleston.

The SPA, North Charleston and S.C. Public Railways have agreed to conduct a major traffic and transportation study in the meantime, to find the best ways to meet the needs of the new port with the least impact on North Charleston traffic and city residents.

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