A scheduled bond hearing for the suspect in a brutal fatal stabbing on James Island has been postponed until at least Wednesday because he remains hospitalized in intensive care, court officials said.

Exactly what Robert Tilghman Kronsberg is being treated for is unclear. He was found at the scene with a 3-inch cut on his left wrist, but police also noted that he had “wild eyes,” a high pulse rate and was mumbling unintelligibly.

Police spokesman Charles Francis referred questions about Kronsberg’s ailments to Medical University Hospital officials, who would not release information on his condition.

The Charleston County jail web site indicates that Kronsberg was booked into the detention center on Monday afternoon, but Sheriff’s Maj. James Brady said the suspect was never physically there. The booking time represents when a detention officer was assigned to monitor Kronsberg at the hospital where he was taken after his arrest, he said.

Kronsberg, 30, went to sleep Sunday on a blood-spattered bed after leaving his girlfriend dead in another room with a large knife protruding from her chest, Charleston police said.

He is charged with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

He is accused of killing 25-year-old Tasha Lucia, who lived with him in the apartment on Encampment Court. Police found Lucia lying on a bedroom floor with wounds to her head and chest, according to the incident report.

Charleston police said the incident played out this way:

Two friends and co-workers of Lucia’s went to the apartment Sunday around 5 p.m. after she failed to show up for work at Locklear’s Beach City Grill on Folly Beach. After no one answered the door, one friend boosted the other through a window in an attempt to find Lucia.

The friend heard snoring from one bedroom and found Kronsberg asleep. When she asked him about Lucia, he replied with unintelligible mumbling.

She went to another bedroom and found Lucia under a sheet. She pulled the sheet back and saw that Lucia was covered with blood, a large knife protruding from her chest.

She quickly fled from the home and called police.

When officers arrived, one woman yelled,” She’s dead, he killed her!” while another shouted, “He’s still in there.”

Kronsberg was still asleep when police entered the apartment. Officers found him lying on a blood-spattered bed with a bottle of vodka, marijuana, a bottle of ibuprofen and a knife beside him on a bedside table. He was shirtless, with blood on his chest, abdomen and pants and a 3-inch vertical laceration on his left wrist.

When officers ordered him to put his hands behind his back, Kronsberg sat upright with “wild eyes” and began muttering unintelligibly and nonsensically. They handcuffed him and walked him outside, where he was strapped to a gurney.

When asked if he had done any drugs, he replied, “Coke.” Paramedics also noted he had an extremely high pulse rate.

Paramedics pronounced Lucia dead at the scene.

Police said Kronsberg was dating Lucia, though it remains unclear for how long.

He calls himself Tilghman Kronsberg on his Facebook page, which features a cover photo of a bloody chainsaw scene from the film “American Psycho.”

In a short bio, he stated: “I’m a 29 year old boy that needs to get his life together.”

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