Week 11

(All weights in pounds and ounces)


Flounder L 7-0 Carl Smith Jr.

Flounder UL 3-11 Jack Bolick

Sheepshead G 10-14 Rich Aulner

Sheepshead L 11-7 Jackson Perry

Trout L 6-14 Bill Jones

Trout UL 5-4 Tom Benton

Trout FR 3-4 Eddie Robbins

Triggerfish G 8-12 Timothy Whiddon

Saltwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 20-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 20-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under. Flyrod – 20-pound tippet or less.


Other bream L 1-1 Noah Myatt

Other bream UL 1-0 James Medina

Catfish G 41-2 Lonnie East III

Catfish L 43-13 Lonnie East IV

Catfish UL 31-4 Lonnie East III

Crappie L 2-11 Marvin Mims

Crappie UL 3-1 Steve English

Chain pickerel UL 1-14 James McDonald

American shad UL 3-9 Lonnie East III

Freshwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 14-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 14-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under; Flyrod – 20-pound test tippet or less.

Catch and release

Lewis Lee 2290

Jason Schall 1760

Skip Milligan 380

Jason Bennett 210

Christopher Mims 140

The Trident Fishing Tournament, co-sponsored by the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, area businesses and individuals, recognizes outstanding saltwater and freshwater catches made in the tri-county area. The tournament begins Nov. 1 and runs through Oct. 31. Anglers catching fish meeting minimum weight requirements receive Master Angler certificates, and yearly winners receive plaques acknowledging their catches. Fish can be weighed at many area businesses involved in fishing, and the tournament is seeking new weigh stations in the tri-county area.