Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Dec. 10-21.


Robert Todd Guerry sold 4631 Causey Pond Road to Sergio and Catalina Roa for $150,000.


Bee Street LLC sold Unit 615, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Kristen M. Tepe and Jose Rodriguez for $325,000.

Peter and Risa Walsh sold 118 Spring St. to Cator W. Sparks for $389,000.

Hayne Street Properties LLC sold 16 Hayne St. to Peninsula Charters Two LLC for $750,000.

James A. Green Jr. and Rebecca H. Miller sold 42 Montagu St. to 42 Montagu Street LLC for $872,500.

James M. and Peter M. McSherry sold 67 Lenwood St. to Robert J. Sudderth and Kathleen B. Adams for $799,000.

Patricia A. Dawson sold Unit 12 E, 330 Concord St. to Margaret Starke Dillard for $300,000.

Robert M. Hicklin Jr. and Jane D. Hicklin sold 103 Church St. to Ground Stock LLC for $3.2 million.

The Brothers of SC LLC sold 162 and 164 Ashley Ave. to Senior Cottages Acquisitions LLC for $2 million.

Ben C. Jakes and Vereial Sherald King sold 50 Spring St. to Constance A. Anastopoulo for $230,000.

Lawrence Mills Jr. and Stephanie Fisher Mills sold 6 Wasbee Range, Bees Row to Julia Churchman McCue for $483,000.

Louis Waring Jr. sold 82 Line St. to Michelle J. Braud for $175,000.

David K. Haller sold 86 Morris St. to William B. Boring for $277,000.

Edisto Island

Marc N. and Kristin H. Dubick sold 8246 Crooked Creek Lane, Laurel Hill to Paul K. and Deanna C. Simmons for $1.1 million.

Folly Beach

Debra Burrell and Jan Spiller sold 219 Little Oak Drive, Mariners Cay Racquet and Yacht Club to Stephen D. Henry for $175,000.


T&J Buildings LLC sold 5340 Stono Ferry Course, Plantation at Stono Ferry to Stono Ferry Resort LLC for $665,000.

Bennett Hofford Construction Co. Inc. sold lots 2, 3, 4, 10 and 11, Deep Step Drive, to Buddy Boy Land Inc. for $195,000.

Isle of Palms

T. Walter Brashier sold 14 54th Ave. to Michael E. and Ainsley Malone for $1.2 million.

Marvin M. Pearlman sold 37 Waterway Island Drive to Alvin P. Kitchin IV and Elizabeth H. Kitchin for $1.4 million.

Lawrance Neibch sold Unit 208, 1100 Pavilion Drive, The Ocean Inn to Thomas and Lisa Schumacher for $152,500.

Pamela R. Payne sold 35 Twin Oaks Lane to Joseph C. and Debra E. Judson for $520,000.

Charles H. and Deborah E. Snyder sold 48 Morgans Cove Drive, Marina Place to Nancy Humble for $872,000.

Linda K. Milam sold 503 Carolina Blvd. to Charles B. and Nancy S. Dollison for $700,000.

Susan B. White sold 55 Ocean Point, Wild Dunes to George P. Reeth for $3.1 million.

Paul D. and Kea S. Whatley sold 717 Carolina Blvd. to W. Marshall Taylor Jr. and Catherine D. Taylor for $770,000.

James Island

Kimberly G. McClellan sold Unit 112, 1025 Riverland Woods Place, The Retreat at Riverland to Una Marlborough and Keith Carter for $175,000.

Kinga M. Vajda sold 1120 Pauline Ave., McCalls Corner to Thomas and Elizabeth N. Bilancione for $175,000.

Sally Heineman sold 1418 Wexford Sound Drive, Wexford Sound to Samuel C. Candler and Carolynne Minkewski for $355,000.

Melvin E. Moore Jr. and Debra J. Moore sold 1603 Angelfish Court, Ocean Neighbors to Brian D. and Katharina F. Garvin for $197,050.

Stacy L. and Melissa M. Cox sold 691 Majestic Oak Drive, Seaside Plantation to Steven P. and Candice P. Sanders for $300,000.

Elizabeth H. Hicks sold 719 Schaffer Drive, Clearview to Ulf D. and Margaret N. Hartwig for $326,500.

Charles Gainey Jr. and Sarah Gainey sold 1157 Landsdowne Drive to Jessica Marie Strangstalien and William Chad Davis for $177,000.

Mill Point Properties LLC sold 1256 Mill Point Road, Mill Point to Mill Pond Preserve LLC for $775,000.

Jennifer L. Lipscomb sold 1307 Julian Clark Road, Clarks Point to Marc D. Strober for $210,000.

Harlan E. and Gail H. Wilson sold 1561 Terns Nest Road, Riverfront to Madison J. and Terri L. Simpson for $480,000.

Frederick A. Rogers III sold 2208 Maxcy St., Green Acres to Lawrence E. Lee for $180,000.

Floyd E. and GeorgeAnn P. Collinsworth sold 366 Woodland Shores Road, Woodland Shores to Chad D. and Alexis K. Nagel for $290,000.

Wando Builders Inc. sold 414 Meadow Grove Way, Parkland Preserve to Linda Inman for $213,000.

John J. Gallagher Jr. and Marcia A. Hocker sold 704 North Shore Drive, Lawton Bluff to Kelsey Q. Bacon for $275,000.

Terry Rexroad sold 857 Mikell Drive, Stiles Point to Matthew J. Johnson and Carl Johnson for $215,200.

Johns Island

Bradley E. Taylor sold 117 Barton St., West Land to Katelyn McDonald Knecht for $186,000.

Edward C. and Diane H. Brown sold 1526 Regimental Lane, Headquarters Island Plantation to Kim Oglesby for $315,000.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group II LLC sold 1632 Fetterbush Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Hubert B. Avant III and Becky O. Stallworth for $173,990.

Newbury Place REO II LLC sold 2978 Edenvale Road to Neal E. and Angela R. Lincoln for $270,000.

Margaret Helen Bunch sold 3410 Field Planters Road, The Retreat at Johns Island to Roger M. and Mary C. Warren for $194,435.

Suzanne Gallo sold 4482 Hope Plantation Drive, Hope Plantation to Justin Gates for $355,000.

Mette K. Mosquera sold 1524 Maple Grove Drive, The Retreat at Johns Island to Henry Joseph Hauhn Jr. and Phyllis Carole Hauhn for $219,000.

Weil Family LP sold 2401 Royal Oak Drive to Loren D. Van Oordt for $620,000.

Bald Hill Associates LLC sold 3339 Hickory Hill to Virginia Dewitt Zemp for $275,000.

Sylvia D. Evans sold 3340 River Landing Road to Ziad R. and Shelby J. Hilal for $410,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 3504 Waterfall Place, Staffordshire to Melinda M. and Giles O. Flowers for $206,679.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 3511 Sheen Drive to Courtney C. Hezekiah for $165,417.

Kiawah Island

Stephen A. and Martha H. Hawkins sold 1209 Flying Squirrel Court, Greenslake Cottages to Alan P. and Maria J. Bekkers for $510,000.

Michael J. and Cheryl L. Erbach sold 346 Governor’s Drive, Egret Pintail to Carl J. and Gretajo Fricker for $292,500.

Patricia I. and Ronald S. Banks sold 8 Sand Alley to RP Sand Alley No. 8 LLC for $1.8 million.

Rebecca Feathers Turck sold 1 Atlantic Beach Court, The Village at Turtle Beach to Kenneth P. Kaminsky Jr. and Sonia L. Kaminsky for $875,000.

Paula F. Bell sold 26 Marsh Edge Lane, Marsh Island Woods to Pei Tang and Xiaopang Zhang for $516,000.

James M. Dulin sold 311 Ocean Oaks Court, Osprey Beach to Lewis N. Terry Jr. and Betsy S. Terry for $1.7 million.

W. Charles and Elizabeth H. Sullivan sold 425 Sea Lavender Court, Oceanwood to James M. Jarosik and Deborah A. Perelmuter for $785,000.

James Edwin Jones and Carrie M. Randall sold 4333 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to Billie Kaye and William S. Latimore for $310,000.

Ellen K. Thurmond sold 4963 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Point Villas to Terry Hyde Ketchem for $425,000.


The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3816 Kate Park Lane, Wellborn Village to Mark C. and Susan S. Esco for $161,117.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 3522 Agape Court, Paddock Point to Jennifer Lynn and Bryan Russell Taylor for $176,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 3559 Galaxy Road, Paddock Point to Reginald and Synovia Johnson for $200,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 3804 Annapolis Way, Wellborn Village to Walter D. Doanne for $187,278.


Donald S. and Sara F. Schultz sold 1016 Pinckney St. to Christopher and Kimberly Bates for $214,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Carissa M. Carie sold 1008 Zinser Lane, Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Benita Faye Gift for $170,000.

R. Joseph Bolchoz Jr. sold 1059 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Avian Park to CGC Holdings LLC for $515,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1228 Tambourine Court, Lieben Park to Robert E. and Rhonda D. Sheppard for $216,785.

Christopher and Caryl K. Randazzo sold 1264 Palmetto Peninsula Drive, Seaside Farms to William E. and Karen K. Oldiges for $400,000.

Joseph J. and Debbie K. Nuttall sold 1375 Southlake Drive, Lakeshore to Scott E. and Jeanine M. Patterson for $394,500.

Thomas L. and Shirley G. Short sold 1437 Clancy Road, Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Donald N. Tomasello and Patricia L. Kelly for $387,500.

REO Solutions LLC sold 1503 Hopeman Lane, The Retreat at Charleston National to Colleen F. Mitchell for $207,850.

Brandon Maxey and Meredith Hite sold 1505 Hopeman Lane, The Retreat at Charleston National to Thomas L. and Sally J. Pedersen for $195,000.

Woodrow Atkinson sold 1512 Cypress Pointe Drive, Cypress Pointe of Dunes West to Eric J. and Anna Warburton for $285,000.

Marsha B. Tokarczyk sold 1649 Ware Bottom Lane, Pinckney Place to Kenneth M. and Phyllis J. Evans for $420,000.

Robert and Wieslawa Fahey sold 1876 Great Hope Drive, Rivertowne Country Club to Catherine S. Beemer for $325,000.

Joyce A. Whitley sold 2036 Bancroft Lane, Arlington at Park West to Larry Gunkel for $248,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2037 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to William B. Flaherty for $269,900.

Balaji Ramadurai and Padma K. Sthalasayanam sold 2140 Summerwood Drive, Thornewood to Patrick G. and Tina M. Naylor for $347,000.

Wesley G. and Kimberley R. Brown sold 2225 Beckenham Drive, Masonborough at Park West to Henry P. King IV and Sharon L. King for $500,000.

Robert E. and Melissa J. Verzaal sold 2515 Cheswick Lane, Rivertowne to Rebecca J. and Johnathon E. Howard for $375,000.

Amanda B. and David E. Sisk sold 2742 Seastrand Lane, The Colonnade at Brickyard Plantation to Regan R. and Brian T. Allenspach for $367,000.

Beth B. Skukan sold 2903 Woodland Park Drive, Hamlin Park to Kimberly A. and Craig R. Lash for $229,000.

Marie Ferrigno sold 2940 Riverwood Drive, Marsh Cove at Dunes West to Signature Development LLC for $385,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 3228 Hatchway Drive, The Harbour to Stephen M. and Morgan L. McKnight for $542,494.

JW Homes LLC sold 3231 Hatchway Drive, The Harbour to Paul A. Ciamillo Jr. for $544,134.

Kelly Fieldings sold 3320 Barkla Ave., The Village at Park West to Scott C. Milroth for $350,000.

Paula A. Marsh sold 3324 Seaborn Drive, Ivy Hall to Stephen Shockley for $240,000.

Walter and Gail A. Nichols sold 3404 Billings St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Jill A. Robinson for $215,000.

Steven Grapstul and Patricia Ann Brown sold 3546 Stockton Drive, Westchester to Walter S. Lewis Jr. and Kathryn L. Lewis for $405,000.

Cary D. and Deanna L. McDonald sold 4004 Conant Road, Preston at Park West to Jason C. and Liliana A. Kim for $291,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 4136 Whiting St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Adam P. and Kimberly Carb for $510,498.

Kenneth M. and Phyllis J. Evans sold 4919 Sound View Drive, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Kenneth B. Schneider and Sofia Aksentijevich for $1.1 million.

Mitchell D. and Vanessa H. Feller sold 506 Hickory Cove, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Aaron T. and Amy M. Wallman for $452,000.

510-514 Mill Street LLC sold 510 Mill St. to Shem EC LLC for $1.5 million.

Paul A. and Sharon N. Dominick sold 670 Hobcaw Bluff Drive, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Parallax LLC for $1.2 million.

Patricia L. Roske sold 815 Farm Quarter Road, Snee Farm to Susan Y. and James P. Warren for $336,000.

Darius C. and Beth Rucker sold 106 Long Grove Drive, Windward Point at Seaside Farms to Gerald and Sharon Strite for $330,000.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group II LLC sold Unit 115, 224 Etiwan Pointe Drive, Etiwan Pointe to Jeffrey Robert Slane for $199,990.

Dominicus R. Valiunas sold Unit 11, 1551 Ben Sawyer Blvd., Simmons Pointe to Roger F. and Arlene E. O’Sullivan for $300,000.

Ilse A. White and Gilberte M. Silver sold 1031 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Harbourtowne Place to David M. Fulton for $157,000.

Nadine Gomez sold 1102 Main Canal Court, Harborgate Shores to Matthew T. and Jessica M. Bass for $225,000.

RSP 15 LLC sold 1119 Daffodil Lane, Snee Farm Gardens to Leslee A. Gordon for $212,000.

Jesse T. and Sarah V. Ellington III sold 114 Hibben St. to Jeffrey Sean McKinless for $450,000.

Lee M. and Peggy S. Vaughn sold 1180 Moss Bluff, Snee Farm to Suzanne M. Teagle for $424,000.

CHA Landing LLC sold 1187 Landau Lane, Carriage Hill Landing to Robert John Cocker for $213,882.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 1239 Appling Drive to Robert Nelson and Theresa A Headley for $385,063.

Nihar H. Patel sold 1304 Woodlock Road, Laurel Lakes to Paul C. and Ann C. Johnson for $341,000.

Patrick G. Naylor sold 1366 Sassafras Circle, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Anna Theresa Augustin and Chad Vincent for $275,000.

Scott Creek Investments LLC sold 1408 Scotts Creek Circle, Scotts Creek to Pulte Home Corp. for $150,000.

Fairfield and Mary Margaret Goodale sold 141 Jakes Lane, I’On to Andrew L. and Rebecca B. Mintz for $597,200.

Belinda Ellis and Fred Thompson sold 1451 Fiddlers Marsh Drive, Fiddlers Marsh to Karen J. Hartwell for $382,000.

Donald A. and Barbara H. Pike sold 1514 Diamond Blvd., Crown Pointe to James B. and Melissa F. Kubu for $320,000.

Thomas I. Epperson III and Kimberly F. Epperson sold 1520 Capel St., Masonborough to Amy L. and Donald N. Kelly for $595,000.

Victoria P. Farmer sold 1534 Privateer Drive, Pirates Cove to Patricia Anne Pruitt for $180,000.

Hunt LLC sold 1555 Tidal Marsh Lane to Tidal Marsh Lane LLC for $700,000.

CC II LLC sold 1608 Grey Marsh Road, Cambridge Commons at Park West to Shawn M. and Michaela F. Swarz for $270,000.

Bernard D. Karesh sold 172 N Plaza Court, Renaissance on Charleston Harbor to Earl Dawson Caldwell III and Gene McKinney Caldwell for $710,000.

Sybil F. Hall sold 1721 Wyngate Circle to Denise E. Phillips for $160,000.

Michael E. and Nancy J. McLendon sold 1736 James Basford Place, Wheatstone at Park West to John V. Miles Jr. and Nikki Miles for $447,000.

Anne F. Perkinson sold 1949 Davant Circle, Longpoint to Donna and Gregory W. Libert for $248,000.

Robert L. and Wendy D. Green sold 2055 Laurel Springs Lane, River Towne to Charles F. Wonderlic Jr. for $350,000.

Merry Applegate Barnes sold 238 Sampa Road, Hobcaw Point to Edwin A. and Kaye Edens for $345,000.

Donald A. and Deanna Elaine Lozier sold 2445 Darts Cove Way, Darts Pointe to Kevin J. and Susan M. Stralo for $532,900.

Elizabeth A. Downey and Leonard Storey sold 276 Dayview Drive, Bayview Acres to Titte R. and Ganga L. Srinivas for $590,000.

Mary Neil Stitt and Holly Stitt sold 3028 Queensgate Way, The Gates to Jessica E. Garrett for $165,000.

Lee M. and Eric S. Cox sold 310 Mallard Court, Sandpiper Point to Thomas M. Lendacki and Rosemarie Maglietta for $228,000.

Cindy L. Hanson sold 3262 Tabor Road, Ivy Hall to Evan Dicks and Michael Dicks for $277,500.

Robert Todd Guerry sold 4631 Causey Pond Road, Edwards to Sergio and Catalina Roa for $150,000.

Mary R. Malone sold 612 Antebellum Lane, Rice Bay to Frederick J. Malone for $300,000.

J. Alexis Tanenbaum Mansson sold 728 Inlet Drive, Waterway Arms to Dorothy J. Forester for $175,000.

James R. and Andrea L. Martin sold 866 Law Lane, Snee Farm to Gabriel S. and Ashley S. Jolly for $435,000.

North Charleston

Galesburg Manufacturing Co. sold 4610 Dorchester Road to Galesburg Manufacturing II LLC for $488,679.

Randolph C. and Tonja M. Evans sold 7379 Peppermill Lane to CPP Investment Properties LLC for $525,000.

Melissa H. Brillhart sold 1142 Leesville St. to James Tillilie for $153,500.

Site Investments LLC sold 3367 Arapahoe St. to Metro Meeting Street LLC for $190,900.

Vintage Homes by the Charleston Group Inc. sold 4712 Ohear Ave. to Mashaal and Tammie Ahmadieh for $219,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 9717 Wellborn Blvd., Wellborn Village to Christopher A. and Jill M. Caldwell for $187,843.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold Unit 60, 100 Tristen Court, Wynfield Forest to Bernard P. and Ramona Prioleau for $195,720.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 605 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Lauren B. and Allan J. Pearson for $200,000.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

William E. Stokes Jr. sold 1616 Nemours Drive, Isle De Nemours to Christopher R. and Karen P. Robinson for $275,000.

Jonathan C. Harvey sold 1618 Jessamine Road, Pinecrest Gardens to Claire R. Smith for $220,000.

Marc H. and Ellen R. Kolender sold 1693 Seignious Drive, Ashley Harbor to S&J Realty 5 LLC for $355,700.

Centex Homes sold 1821 Ground Pine Drive, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Nicholas C. and Renee C. Hilton for $210,081.

Centex Homes sold 1829 Ground Pine Drive, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Michael S. and Lindsey B. Miller for $203,098.

Habin Li and Xuejin Ji sold 219 Muirfield Parkway, Shadowmoss Plantation to Antony B. Likavec and Sandra L. Smith for $193,000.

Jaspreet Pannu-Chhatwal and Ravinder Pannu sold 242 Sugar Magnolia Way, Magnolia Lakes in Grande Oaks to Franklin Aaron Kinard for $187,500.

Eagle Ray Enterprises LLC sold 2436 Lantern St., Myrtle Grove to Charles D. Kyzer for $155,000.

William G. and Bernadine Rozier sold 2440 Rice Pond Road, Ashland Plantation to Dennis R. and Colana B. Mathis for $475,000.

Centex Homes sold 2502 Rutherford Way, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Thomas M. and Tammy L. Buehner for $266,992.

Centex Homes sold 2504 Rutherford Way, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Thomas M. Voynick for $234,249.

Kevin B. and Hope M. Carter sold 2746 Fox Trot Road, Ashland Plantation to Nicole S. and James B. Hurley for $403,000.

Centex Homes sold 3033 Amberbrook Lane, Creekside of Carolina Bay to Kelly S. Wenner and Colby H. Grossman for $295,452.

Eddie K. Boyd sold 783 St. Andrews Blvd., Avondale, to MK&JK Holdings LLC for $240,000.

Kathryn Goodman sold Unit 310, 498 Ashley Landing Drive, The Albemarle to Minor and Adrienne Jones for $185,000.

Michael Kevin Meyer and Anthony J. Meyer Jr. sold 115 Riverbreeze Drive, Waterway South to James B. and Betsy J. Hilton for $150,000.

Centex Homes sold 1600 Pleasant Hill Drive, Cypress of Carolina Bay to Harris and Eller R. Nadler for $320,835.

Centex Homes sold 1753 Winfield Way, Creekside of Carolina Bay to Martha Fullah for $256,601.

Charles Hayne Hunter sold 1878 Ashley Hall Road, Ashley Plantation to Michael B. McTighe for $172,000.

Joseph M. and Amy H. Halberda sold 1928 S. Inity Drive, Sandhurst to Robert Bryan and Elizabeth White Shealy for $243,900.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 1937 Chestnut Oak Lane, Dogwood Commons to Thomas and Kathleen M. O. Thomas for $184,948.

Charlotte C. Lowe sold 2 Lord Calvert Drive, Harrison Acres to Katherine Kuszmaul for $229,000.

Kristen Leigh Rowe sold 2107 Deer Path Way, Canterbury Woods to Joshua R. Swette for $185,000.

Donald I. and Janet T. Rhodes sold 230 Marsh Oaks Circle, Marsh Oaks to Elizabeth P. Gourlay for $337,000.

William B. and Carol H. Beckman Bartlett sold 2924 Limestone Blvd., Drayton on Ashley to Rosemarie D. Nance for $300,000.

Sarah Phillips sold 520 Ivy Circle, Harrington Place to Chris F. and Cynthia A. Bushneck for $215,000.

Xiaoshu and Yiwen Wang sold 65 Jowal Drive, Mayfair at Shadowmoss Plantation to Travis D. Boyles for $175,000.

1F3S LLC sold 810 St. Andrews Blvd., Avondale to St. Andrews Self Storage LLC for $1.7 million.

Michael Reid McConnell sold 84 Colleton Drive, Byrnes Down to Donna Waters for $251,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Dec. 10-21.


Grange S. and Priscilla D. Cuthbert sold 799 Bounty Square Drive, Beresford Hall to Matthew Paul Smith for $557,500.

Centex Homes sold 1171 Euclid Drive, Cain Crossing to Billy J. and Alpha L. McCraw for $157,905.

RMK Bruza LLC sold 204 Hasell Court, Retreat at Beresford to Antono C. Ribeiro for $326,500.

Toni D. Vines sold 1172 Pinefield Drive to Christopher and Caryl K. Randazzo for $999,985.

Daniel Island

Jeptha Blacksler Cobb sold Unit A 305, 200 River Landing Drive to Bruce O. Smith for $250,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 318 Island Park Drive, Ralston Creek to Michael T. and Mary Gene Ryan for $633,937.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 2502 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to William Godfrey and Allisyn Chapman Wheeler for $440,326.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 2401 Louisville St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Linda M. Baker for $450,300.

Bennett Hofford Construction Co. Inc. sold 184 Simmons Forge, Ralston Creek to Thomas L. Spitz for $741,250.

Kathleen E. Triggs sold 164 Etiwan Park St. to Marilynne J. Roche for $400,000.

Timothy F. and Suzanne K. Brown sold Unit 802, 1225 Blakeway St., Parkside to Brian K. Sullivan for $194,500.

Goose Creek

Charles W. and Janlea R. Dalton sold 160 Red Cypress Drive, Woodland Lakes to Michael Lee and Gwendolyn S. Kenan for $157,000.

Courtney Nicole and Brian Jason Rowe sold 545 Flycatcher Drive, Mulberry Park to Michael and Melissa Reeves for $150,000.

David and Lisa A. Bevacqua sold 101 Meridian Court, Crowfield to Michael J. and Stacy L. Johnson for $335,000.

Mohammed Maruf Siddique sold 540 Flycatcher Drive, Mulberry Park to Jeremiah and Jessica A. Riel for $177,000.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 459 Delmont Drive, Montague Plantation to Thomas S. and Renee C. Jinkins for $190,210.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 131 Vango Drive, Montague Plantation to Matthew A. Shreve for $155,835.

SDJ LLC sold 102 David John Court, The Hamlets to James D. Nettles for $235,000.

Ronald P. Tucker sold 120 The Oaks Ave., Oaks Estates to Kelly A. Lavelle for $150,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 523 Nandina Drive, Liberty Village to Rod A. and Amanda Ann Phillips for $267,564.

Weijian and Heather Marie Cong sold 251 Mayfield Drive, Liberty Village to Robert L. and Terri D. Gottfried for $215,000.


Ryland Group Inc. sold 8011 Indian Hill Drive, Tanner Plantation to Sharon R. and Daniel W. McGrogan for $240,074.

Perry M. Holloway sold 7300 Coopers Hawk Drive, Tanner Plantation to Ronald K. and Kathy K. Stroud for $271,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1900 Wild Indigo Way, Tanner Plantation to Luke D. and Heidi R. Guerry for $312,956.

Moncks Corner

McCants LLC sold 104 McCants Drive, Ebaugh Estates to Daniel E. and Rose A. Finley for $157,700.

Joseph V. and Jennifer L. D’Elia sold 175 Kimberton Ave., Foxbank to Thomas Wilson Hiott for $161,000.

Michael W. Heineman sold 403 Norwood Court, Planters Trace to Allen P. and Virginia Denise Canaday for $165,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 918 Laurel Oak Lane, Oakley Pointe to Stephen Gamble for $186,420.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 202 Black Gum Circle, Cypress Ridge to Bryan William Osborne for $224,900.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 550 Crossland Drive, Foxbank to Travis E. and Dorothy A. Heath for $212,124.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 180 Charlesfort Way, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Andrew and Amanda Crenshaw for $177,453.

Wilson T. and Debbie R. Baggett sold 1302 Dennis Blvd., Fairlawn Barony to Carl D. Turner for $157,000.


Centex Homes sold 133 Brookhaven Road, Cane Bay to Mark A. Bachewicz and Ashlyn K. Wood for $170,240.

Centex Homes sold 105 Beacon Falls Court, Cane Bay to James B. and Caren R. Leedy for $194,140.

Centex Homes sold 130 Beacon Falls Court, Cane Bay to Timothy T. Barbero for $174,565.

Charles S. Perry sold 433 Dovetail Circle, Weatherstone to Jacqueline Scott Jackson for $158,000.

Francis L. and Billingsley sold 554 Delafield Drive, Mason Park to Osvaldo Alberto Agramonte and Jakilyn Scruggs for $186,000.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 223 Overcup Loop, Cane Bay to Christopher J. Richmond for $177,490.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 539 Tranquil Waters Way, Cane Bay to Lenora F. and Frederick W. Dietzel for $234,876.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 118 Tugboat Lane, Cane Bay to Maria E. Lein for $282,315.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 115 Billowing Sails St., Cane Bay to Natalie Rivers for $196,390.

Smoak Property Holdings LLC sold 915 Jedburg Road to Benjamin Mora for $175,000.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 457 Brick Kiln Drive, Branch Creek to Rudolf Kroseberg for $235,780.

Nancy Elizabeth Driggers sold 126 Autumn Creek Trail, Autumn Creek to Shaun and Abigail Kowalke for $270,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 536 Tranquil Waters Way, Cane Bay to Sheldon and Lesley S. Kwitwin for $266,235.

Robert M. and Robert M. Jones sold 1206 Millbrook Road to Roberta J. and James F. Reed for $152,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 541 Tranquil Waters Way, Cane Bay to Robert P. and Kathleen M. Fitzpatrick for $263,966.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 454 Brick Kiln Drive, Branch Creek to Stephanie Paige O’Dell for $324,434.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Dec. 10-21.


Michael B. and Cynthia C. Ruiz sold 9657 Wilhammer Court, McKewn Plantation to Morgan K. Carter and Mark I. McNeilly for $170,000.

Centex Homes sold 9768 Seed St., McKewn Plantation to April and Dennis Martinez for $190,565.

Centex Homes sold 9732 Seed St., McKewn Plantation to Edward E. and Faye B. Ludwig for $192,910.

Centex Homes sold 9744 Seed St., McKewn Plantation to James F. and Addison H. Sowell for $169,740.

Centex Homes sold 9634 Roseberry St., McKewn Plantation to James R. Garwood for $186,238.

Centex Homes sold 9758 Seed St., McKewn Plantation to Martha M. and William W. Reid for $164,975.

Carol A. Warpeha sold 113 Graduate Lane, Eagle Run to Matthew D. and Kelly Mason for $154,700.

Centex Homes sold 9759 Seed St., McKewn Plantation to Tanya G. Holland for $184,000.

Centex Homes sold 9646 Roseberry St., McKewn Plantation to Tobi R. Seay for $183,735.

Centex Homes sold 9754 Seed St., McKewn Plantation to William R. and Tireka Wright for $176,490.

North Charleston

David G. and Gailya D. Askins sold 4283 Persimmon Woods Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Steven and Erin M. Ferrara for $296,900.

Kenneth D. and Susan Toddwright sold 5417 Greggs Landing Drive, Whitehall to Mark and Alison Cellars for $152,000.

Mario D. and Yolanda B. Dread sold 5400 Red Tip Lane, Whitehall to Chad H. and Heather Q. Tripp for $236,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 5402 Turning Tide, Taylor Plantation to Shajan R. Cyril and Sherly Roy Yesudhas for $214,967.

Ralph A. and Helene J. Key sold 5433 Roxbury Drive, Brookshire to Anthony and Candace Moore for $190,000.

Rastislav Toth sold 4709 Club Course Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Rosalyna M. Toth for $350,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 8436 Taylor Plantation Road, Taylor Plantation to Christina Marie and Cory Douglas Tintzman for $251,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 8485 Middle River Way, Taylor Plantation to Christopher G. Sellers for $270,991.


Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 3018 Gulfstream Lane, Bridlewood Farms to Ryan D. Haynes and Robyn M. Johnson for $182,000.


Brian N. Collins sold 5228 Bristol St., Woodlands at Wescott to Annick Paccione for $168,000.

Cline Construction LLC sold 212 Molasses Mill Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Stephen L. Hardy and Elizabeth Maynor-Hardy for $280,000.

Cline Constructon LLC sold 100 Sugar Mill Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Kenneth J. and Heather M. Bass for $369,562.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 1029 Legacy Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Steven and Michelle Stoddard for $314,019.

David S. and Melissa L. Hollifield sold 334 Foxglove Ave., White Gables to Andrew D. and Kaitlyn G. Wood for $195,000.

Devon C. and Debra K. Worm sold 703 Cartpath Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Amanda H. and Aaron B. Chase for $265,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 182 Donning Drive, The Ponds to Mark J. and Barbara A. Meiler for $349,900.

Edward W. Angela D. Coggings sold 402 Mayfield St., Ashborough West to Steve Brian and Marie Jones for $310,000.

Georgla T. Fallaw sold 5227 Stonewall Drive, Pebble Creek Village to Douglas M. and Allison K. Blanton for $225,000.

Harbor Homes LLC sold 104 Hanging Moss Road, Legend Oaks Plantation to Paul Cutler for $276,000.

HHHunt Homes Charleston LLC sold 199 Hundred Oaks Parkway, The Ponds to Jeffrey R. and Kelli P. Wheeler for $305,645.

Jacqueline E. Coody sold 9610 Tothill Drive, Pebble Creek Village to Daniel Craig and Natalie Ruth Hart for $171,550.

Larry Jim and Deborah Lee Ervin sold 105 Freeport St., Dovewood to Kenneth J. Mitchum for $166,000.

Matthew W. and Galadriel E. Flanagan sold 1010 Denali Court, Summit to Jonathon J. and Amy L. Lipko for $430,000.

Michael H. and Janet B. Sussman sold 106 Gaslight Blvd., Reminisce to Charles K. and Tiffany L. Peyton for $168,000.

MLJ LLC sold 7010 Kingsley Vale Court, Victoria Pointe to Carmen Morningstar for $182,886.

Son V. Nguyen and Thuy Le Hanh sold 5085 Blair Road, Myers Mill to Charles and Yolanda Maxwell for $190,000.

Eastwood Homes Inc. sold 3002 Peacher Court, Myers Mill to Gavin and Hope Waters Lam for $220,650.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 119 Hazeltine Bend, Linkside Village to James W. and Barbara M. Calvert for $236,000.

MLJ LLC sold 7006 Kingsley Vale Court, Victoria Pointe to Paul Robert and Celisa Michelle Woodward for $226,673.

MLJ LLC sold 1013 Victoria Pointe Lane, Victoria Pointe to Roger D. and Mary R. Tinley for $223,353.

Paul Joshua and Amy Harton sold 504 Beverly Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Christina M. Butler for $169,000.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 412 Branch Creek Trail, Branch Creek to James J. and Gisella O. Ernst for $260,311.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 319 Brick Kiln Drive, Branch Creek to Julio J. Rentas and Myrst Naylirentas for $325,305.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 317 Brick Kiln Drive, Branch Creek to Kristofor and Kimberly Colpean for $324,041.

Tracy L. and Angela M. Bowman sold 213 Molasses Mill Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to David B. and Shelly C. Horton for $400,005.