GOOSE CREEK -- Republican 1st Congressional District hopefuls made their first major joint appearance today since their massive 16-candidate field filled out six days ago.

Thirteen of the 16 GOP candidates showed up and spent three minutes each making their cases to a few hundred gathered here in the American Legion Hall.

Many stayed to mingle with some of the Lowcountry’s most reliable Republican voters and volunteers.

Charleston teacher and candidate Teddy Turner jokingly called the event “the Larry Grooms breakfast” because Grooms, a state Senator from Bonneau, had the most signs outside and made news from the start.

Berkeley GOP Chair and County Councilman Tim Callanan announced he would step down as chair to run Grooms’ congressional campaign.

The hall was packed with people grabbing a bite of breakfast and an earful of what’s wrong with Congress. Grooms looked at the buffet line and joked, “I think they’re going to break a sales record today.”

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