A Walterboro man who thought two teenagers were trying to steal stuff out of his truck Wednesday morning chased them down in his car and forced them into his trunk at gunpoint, authorities said.

Tommy Mixon Jr., 35, had installed a security camera and alarm at his home on Koger Road because of thefts from his vehicles, according to the incident report from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office. The alarm chimed around 4 a.m. Wednesday. Mixon went out and found two young men standing around his work truck, according to the report.

They jumped a fence and took off running. Mixon jumped in his 1999 Ford Escort and started off after them.

He found two teenagers he thought were the ones in his yard not far down the road, pulled out his .357 revolver and forced them into his trunk. He drove back to his house to call authorities.

When Mixon stopped at his house, the pair popped the trunk, jumped out and took off running again. Mixon told deputies he got out of the car and heard about six gunshots, with two bullets hitting the road about 2 feet from him.

A Highway Patrol officer who was notified by dispatch stopped two Walterboro teenagers matching the description a couple hundred yards away and held them at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

The teens told deputies they were not the ones who jumped out of Mixon’s trunk.

Mixon said he found a cellphone that wasn’t his inside the trunk. He also said he had the teens on video camera in his yard.

Investigators didn’t find any shell casings but said they found spots where bullets may have hit the road in front of Mixon’s house.

Harry Tavaris Pinckney, 17, of Peachtree Road and Treven Gregory Jamaul Lingard, 18, of Albert Street were arrested and charged with trespassing. They were being held in the Colleton County jail Wednesday.

Deputies said they read Mixon his Miranda rights, in case charges were brought against him. No charges had been brought against him Wednesday, although the investigation is continuing, Chief Deputy Ted Stanfield said.