Anna is a single mother with an 11-year-old daughter. She works very long days and does all she can to keep a roof over her daughter’s head. Anna’s work hours keep her from spending precious time with her daughter, but she has no other choice.

To help

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After paying her monthly bills, Anna often doesn’t have enough money for food. She is a very strong woman and wants desperately for her daughter to feel secure and not worry about where their next meal is coming from.

Your generous donation can help a Good Cheer Fund agency provide food for Anna and her daughter, allowing them to stretch their dollars further during this difficult time and make their holiday season a bit brighter.

Since 1927, donations to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry during the holiday season. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Association for the Blind, Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Carolina Youth Development Center, Coastal Catholic Charities and the Lowcountry Food Bank. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at www.good

For more information, call 937-4831.


In honor of our grandchildren: Russell, Elly, Taylor and Tucker; given by Mema and Pop Pop 50.00

In honor of our godson, Kevin Buckheister; given by Anne and Rusty Patterson 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dunnan 100.00

In honor of our son, Capt. Taylor Force, and his soldiers serving in Afghanistan from Stuart and Robbi Force 100.00

In thanksgiving for Bre’ Anah and Caira from Granny 25.00

In honor of David and Beverly Lunan, Charlton, Mass. 30.00

In honor of our children and grand-children by Elwood and Joan Housand 100.00

In appreciation for faculty and staff at Trident Academy ... S.K. 50.00

Robert and Madeline Taylor 50.00

For God’s blessings of eight healthy grandchildren from David and Linda Kresge 100.00

In honor of Brett and Derek Lemon and Stephen Miller 100.00

In honor of David, Jill, Thomas and Nora Torbett 50.00

In thanksgiving for the MUSC Lung Transplant Team from Lewis and Lynda Aston 100.00

In thanksgiving for our wonderful grandmothers from Eliza, Harriet and Anne Lawton 75.00

In honor of my Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary of Woburn, Mass. (90+ years young). We love you, Joan and Jerry 100.00

The Bowman family: Vivian, Steve, Patsy, Laurie, Dean, Darcy and Freddie 50.00

Porter Military Academy Alumni Association 100.00

Margarita Allston 50.00

Sherry and Ivor Edwards 100.00

John and Virgina Varn 75.00

South Carolina Lightning Protection 100.00

Parker Family 50.00

Sheila and Donald Thomas 75.00

Brenda and Samuel Rosen 50.00

Pat and Peter Schopfer 100.00

John Miller 250.00

In honor of my beloved sisters and brother: Frances, Amy, Mary Gordon, Jane and Alec 100.00

In honor of Ellen Dressler Moryl 200.00

Merry Christmas, Whit and Katie, from Aunt Janna 80.00

Staff at IBEW Local Union 776 80.00

In thanksgiving for our family: Sarah, Maggye, Michael and Ethan from Lisa and Frank 100.00

George and Tracy Strother 50.00

In honor of Peter Wright Family and Wendi and Robert Smith; Angels to the rescue from Garvin and Lucie Jones 100.00

In honor of Virginia Allen from a friend 25.00

In honor of my husband, Robert, and all the other veterans at CLC, West Ashley and for the dedication, sincere caring of the nurses and appreciation of the staff there ... May God bless you from Joyce Young 100.00

In honor of our grandchildren Erin and Carter Rose from Gam-Gam and Pop-Pop 50.00

Charles and Toula Williams 25.00










Darryl and Carol Johnson (local) 50.00

Jane and Jay Mallory 100.00

Cotillion d’ Nouveau: A. Buckra Ball 25.00


Dr. William Middleton Jr. 25.00

My father, Gene Edwards; Aunt Bertha; wife Julie; and brother Patrick Shawn McGinnis 225.00

Bucky, Phil, Bea and Ralph and John Judge 30.00

Dr. Charlton deSaussure, Rufus Barkley Jr., Rufus Barkley III, Stewart Walker and Bubba Walker 250.00

Anthony L. Olasov 100.00

Don Kinne Sr. from The Wayfaring Singers of Charleston 100.00

Matthew E. Murphy III 25.00

Our brothers M.C. Garrett and Douglas Smith from Sidney and Joan Smith 50.00

Jack Speer and Dave Molony 30.00

Alvin Lynnard Clifton and The Cats 50.00

Thomas Farrar and Beverly Farrar Dudeck 50.00

Lombard and Louise Downs, Doris and Ed Etheredge and James Etheredge. Love, Katy, Ashley, Beth, Jake and Amy 40.00

Sen. and Mrs. Olin D. Johnston, Olin D. “Bubba” Johnston Jr. and Vernon Ripon Scott Sr. Always in our hearts, Rip, Boo and Sallie D. 100.00

Our Aunt Ellen Scott Seabrook and her infectious Geechee laugh. Love, Rip, Boo and Sallie D. 50.00

Our parents: Fishburne and Mary Bellinger and Douglas and Maude Cone 25.00

Sandy Hook victims from Muni Saturday Breakfast Group 50.00

Dalton M. and Doris Thomas, William Treat and Ruth Treat Jones 40.00

Anne C. Forsberg, Ursula and Bob Kaiser, Amanda Kaiser and Patrick Clarkin 200.00

Jane B. Moyes, Marilyn and Robert Kube, Bart, Tanner and Tashi 200.00

John M. Gantt 200.00

Our favorite barkeep and companions: Scrib, Scotty, Billy, Tiger, Maurice and Wingnut. Cheers! 100.00

Our parents from CALF 50.00

Jake, Tessa and Lucy from CALF 50.00

The Rev. James M. Woods Jr., Edd and Noreen Sellers and Robert Sellers 100.00

Our mothers Helen Bold Reagan and Della S. Roland 100.00

Capt. Sam and Betty Jones from Chuck and Flora Horne 100.00

My father, Steve, and my good friend Katherine 100.00

Old Dad and Mom 100.00

Bill Zipperer and Will Haynes 100.00

Paddy Mauro and Florrie 100.00

Our mom, Bessie Hughes, from Dola Gresham and Jay Hughes 100.00

Iris Poole/Blossom Shop 10.00

The Lapinsky and McDowell families 200.00

Our son Johnny Taylor and our granddaughter Marcey Jean Taylor 25.00

Pet and Olympia Philipps, C.B. and Ruth Williams, May deVineau, Zoe Katsaros, “Skipper” Ogletree, and our BFF Susan B. King 25.00

Blackie, Tuttie-Fruittie and Mookie, our kitties 15.00

Dr. Clay Robertson 50.00

O. Eugene Savedge 200.00

Ken Price 100.00

Anne Marie Saari. Love, the Saari Family 25.00

My husband, Dr. René Ravenel 100.00

Sophie and Mamie 25.00

Our son Robbie 100.00

My husband Henry M. Duys 100.00

Our son Hank Witt Jr. 100.00

Booty and Matty 100.00

Kip Smith 200.00

Theodore B. Guerard 1,000.00

Our grandson Phil Jones from Ed and Hilda Rose 25.00

Joe, Ruby and Harold Newton and Sean Ayers 2,000.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $10,931.25

PREVIOUS TOTAL $182,744.32

YEAR TO DATE $193,675.57

LAST YEAR TO DATE $217,628.79

CLARIFICATIONS; Two donations in Tuesday’s Post and Courier were listed incorrectly. A $100 donation was made in memory of Iva Glenn Mitchell by RADM and Mrs. W.M. Zobel. Harry and Lucy Spell made a $200 donation in memory of their parents.