Again this year, the Good Cheer Fund has received a generous gift of $5,000 from the Employee Advised Fund of the Daniel Island Company.

To help

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The Employee Advised Fund is an employee charitable contribution program funded through voluntary payroll deductions. The fund is administered by the Daniel Island Community Foundation. Employees of the Daniel Island Company, Daniel Island Real Estate, Daniel Island Club and the Daniel Island Property Owners Association annually elect to contribute a portion of each paycheck to be deposited into the fund. The Daniel Island Company matches employee contributions dollar for dollar, and an employee advisory committee guides decisions on contributions throughout the year.

The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund is honored to have been one of several local entities selected this year because it addresses causes identified by Daniel Island employees and their fund’s advisory committee as priority needs within our community.

This generous donation will go a long way toward helping Lowcountry residents such as Jennifer. She was involved in a very serious car accident and missed three days of work from her waitressing job. She was not paid for those days and also had a substantial car-repair bill.

A Good Cheer Fund agency helped Jennifer with her electric bill and rental assistance, and our readers’ contributions will enable her to provide a few Christmas gifts under the tree for her four children.

Donations to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Association for the Blind and Coastal Catholic Charities. Every cent of the money raised goes directly to the agencies as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at

For more information, call 937-4831.


Daniel Island Company 5,000.00

In honor of John and Valerie Bozzelli from the employees of Bozzelli Services 247.00

The First Wives Club 100.00

Malcolm Smalls 100.00

Mary Anne, Sarah Mills, Alexandra, Anne, Thomas, Hagood, Carson and Andrew 400.00

Maria del Pilar, Elisa, Edward, Bonnie, John, Craig, Katie, Daniel, John and Sallie 500.00

Francis Marion Hotel 1,000.00

Morgan E. Hewitt Jr. and Gloria Abbott Hewitt give this contribution in honor and memory of our family; to those living and to those who have gone before us. Most reverently we give to our Lord Jesus. 250.00

Andrew Werner and Barbara Werner 120.00

Kevin Williams 100.00

South Carolina Lightning Protection 100.00

Wando Construction 100.00

James E. Poore IV 100.00

Tim Truesdell 100.00

Nature’s Impressions 100.00

Eric Labarca 100.00

The Shelter 100.00

Colin McNaught 100.00

Andrew Hager 100.00

In honor of “Charlie” Duscheque (100 years young). Love, Sonya O’Malley 25.00

In honor of Mona Hale. Love, Sonya O’Malley 25.00

To honor the ladies in my life: Vyonne, Ruthie, Catherine and “Bitsy” 100.00

In honor of Random Acts of Kindness 25.00

In honor of my grandchildren: Will, Matthew, Caroline, Andrew, Hayden, Patricia, Ansley and Sara Francis 100.00

Charlie and Kay Chitty 1,000.00

Virginia Arthur 100.00

The North Charleston Chapter of Senior Citizens 25.00

Ruth Sossamon 22.25

Rebecca McArtor 25.00

Gerald and Peggy Rumph 100.00

Joyce Morris 25.00

Edward and Diane Gulyas 200.00

Carol McCann 25.00

Barbara Pack 30.00

George Sumner, M.Ed. 100.00

Ivan and Marjorie Pearce 25.00

Lonn and Beth Bradley 50.00

Myrtis Rourk 50.00

Douglas A. Barker 100.00










Jack and Lena Doscher 100.00

Judy and June Matzner (local) 100.00


Sarah Parsons Means Taylor 50.00

Lee and Dorothy Rentz 25.00

June Fencl 200.00

Joe W. Clark from Charleston Charter Tripoly Group 300.00

Ben and all others who will remain Forever Young 25.00

Our son Fred Stuhr II 200.00

Henry Miller Anderson Sr. 100.00

Murray Bonnoitt and Falcon Hawkins from The Birthday Group 100.00

Manning Bethea Williams Jr., Charleston artist, and Alston Legare Van Ness, teacher, our ATO brothers 20.00

Orian Andrew Manucy 150.00

Loved ones 100.00

Jack Smoak from Helen and Family 100.00

Paul M. Lazar. Love, Jamie, Diane and Deborah 220.00

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Harrell and Edward M. Jenkins 100.00

Joseph and Bessie Bolchoz, Jesse and Alice Thornhill, Amanda, Princess and Pudgy 100.00

Charlie Jones from Mom, Dad, Nanny and Duffy 150.00

Charles and Helen Wallace, Ben and Lola Hill, Betty Reeves and my beloved husband Ron Reeves 300.00

W.J.H. from W.J.H. Jr. and J.M.H. 123.45

Gagi, Dan, Katie and GraMarge from Ellen, Anne and Sarah 30.00

Momma, Daddy, Mamie, Grandaddy, Grannie, Granniedaddy and Katie from Margaret 30.00

Mr. and Mrs. J. Malcolm Hipp Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George Bellows Sr. and Legare Van Ness 100.00

Big, Gramps and Bud 200.00

J. Preston Warren 47.00

J.L. “Slim” Henson 50.00

Brooks C. Preacher 50.00

Otto F. Klintworth Jr. 50.00

Our parents, Porter and Aileen Bundy, and Ceth Mason from Mel and Vera Bundy 50.00

Our beloved Chester from John and Donna McGlynn 20.00

My parents Dr. and Mrs. G.R. Dawson Jr. 50.00

My loving husband Francis D. White 100.00

Daddy, Capt. Henry A. Pettersen with love from Sonya P. O’Malley 25.00

Betty Taylor, Katie Taylor, Ruth Stoppelbein and Vyonne and Julian Williams 100.00

Former students Stephanie Burdett, Jamie Bailey and Matthew Taylor KIA in Iraq, former co-worker Marcia O’Brien and former Principal Gene Sires 25.00

Husband Larry and son Chuck. Love, Joan 25.00

Annie Forsberg from husband Charlie 50.00

Napoleon, Emperor of the French 25.00

Wallace and Rheta Anderson from their daughter 100.00

My parents Lee and Mildred Rodgers 100.00

Danky and Claire Miller 100.00

Stephen H. 100.00

Our son Kirk Sheridan Kessler 100.00

Leo, Earl and Dorothy 50.00

Helen Thames Cook 45.00

Dr. Richard Brock from Judy, Lucy and Sara 100.00

Ada Lee Baumgartner given by Barbara and Tom Brewer 100.00

My son Adam Wenger 25.00

Thomas Walker Dion 100.00

Megan 30.00

Gina Scalise 50.00

Peggy Baker 100.00

Helen Butler 100.00

Parents Hoyt A. and VivaNelle Goude 25.00

Special nephews Preston Hoyt Goude and Hoyt Alexander (Alex) Goude II 25.00

James W. “Jim” Bilton by Sons 100.00

Our beloved sister Aimee Garcia 20.00

My dear wife Leah Altine from Mike Altine Sr. 120.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $16,764.70

PREVIOUS TOTAL $157,101.62

YEAR TO DATE $173,866.32

LAST YEAR TO DATE $189,021.95