Latisha is a single mother of six children ranging in age from 7 to 20. She lives in a housing project and works evenings as a part-time janitor. She receives no child support from the childrenís fathers because they are either unemployed, incarcerated or cannot be located.

To help

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As hard as she tries, Latisha cannot make her meager income stretch far enough to cover all her monthly expenses, much less provide any sort of meaningful Christmas for her family.

Your generous contribution can help a local agency provide Latisha with the means to put a hearty holiday meal on the table as well as a few small gifts under the tree for the children.

Since 1927, donations to The Post and Courierís Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry during the holiday season.

The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Association for the Blind, Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Carolina Youth Development Center, Coastal Catholic Charities and the Lowcountry Food Bank. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at

For more information, call 937-4831.


Merry Christmas Rosie 25.00

In thanksgiving for Conner 25.00

In honor of the faculty and staff of Mason Preparatory School from Sandra L. Twomey 100.00

In thanksgiving from Kate, Laura and Thomas Lettau 100.00

In honor of my four great-greats Samuel, Makalyn, Alyssa and Mykenzie 40.00

In honor of my parents Col. and Mrs. R.L. McElroy 200.00

The Staff of The Lowcountry Open Land Trust 305.00

Ivy Garden Club 80.55

Mary and King 100.00

Myra and Andy Sneed 120.00

Lynn and Paul Ziegler 100.00

Mason and Jill Ferratt 1,000.00

Employees of Summerville CPW 200.00

Roger Brown 25.00

Dorothy Meacham 100.00

James and Susan McKenna 100.00

Richard and Shayla Melson 100.00

The Propeller Club of the U.S. - Port of Charleston 250.00

The Charleston Club 250.00

In honor of our grands Jordan, Elle, Charlie-Ann and Kristen. Love, Baboo and Mattie Agee 50.00

In honor of Scott, Brayden and Braxton. Godís blessing, Margie 50.00






Landmark Enterprises, Inc. 100.00

Buffi Gaskins Mazyck-Driggers (Kiawah-Seabrook only) 25.00


My Dad, my hero 25.00

My friend, Bob Bott 25.00

Loved ones from Tom and Mary Ellen MacGregor 50.00

William O. Hanahan Jr. and Maria Grayson-Metaxas 150.00

Good Friends: Jack Jenkins, Eddie Trouche, Barry Meyer and Tom Parsell by Mac Harley 100.00

Our son Joey 100.00

Friends 100.00

In honor and memory of Joseph F. Smoak Sr. and Tony H. Smoak from their family 300.00

Our parents Johnny and Mary Robinson, Earl Nelson and June Nelson Lollis 75.00

Johnny Robinson Jr., Robert Ray, Andrea Riols Crites and Helen Hynes Seignious 75.00

Sallie E. Simmons 100.00

My parents the Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Hamilton 25.00

Pierrette Kessock 25.00

Loved ones 50.00

George E. Campsen, Allen R. Carter Sr., Louie E. Condon, Claude W. Blanchard Jr., William J. Deytens, Jack Hassell Jr., Jimmy H. Holcombe, John E. Huguley, Hugh C. Lane, Gunner Ohlandt, Herbie Wilcox, Robert B. Scarborough, Dr. Gordan B. Stine and Col. G. Kenneth Webb 300.00

My three men: Shug, Joe and Mathew: my husband, my son and my grandson 300.00

Our Forefathers 25.00

Loved ones gone, but never forgotten from The Bullard Family 50.00

Ella, Casper, BJ, Blanche and all the other good dogs in heaven from Azuki 20.00

Wallace T. Austelle 25.00

My brothers, Dan and Jamie 100.00

Our parents from John and Linda Wilson 100.00

Grandpop, Granny and Uncle Andrew from Carlton, Ray and Etta 150.00

Betty St. Laurent and Betty Owens from Monday Night Bridge Club: Kathy Blanchard, Linda Burbage, Nena Chakeris, Eleanor Huggins, Jane Martin, Carole Mims, Betsy Reidenbach and Helen Theos 80.00

Daniel S. Lesesne Jr. 75.00

Frances Vincent Lesesne 75.00

Teddy Lesesne 75.00

Maribel Willard Bowman 75.00

Marvin Willard 75.00

Our unforgetable moms and grandmothers Jean Stamper Smith, Hattie Mae Stamper and Linda Smith Dodd 20.00

Marvin Marstall 50.00

JPF, LGF, Sissie and Sammy from Frances F. Hutson 100.00

Our parents 100.00

Patrick Clarkin 100.00

Our grandson Christopher William Keil 100.00

Etta L. Naman by Susan Garfinkel 50.00

Craig 50.00

McKayla 50.00

TODAYíS TOTAL $6,965.55

PREVIOUS TOTAL $135,621.07

YEAR TO DATE $142,586.62

LAST YEAR TO DATE $163,763.79