Angela is a middle-aged widow who suffers from mental illness. Her husband of many years used to care for her and managed the household. Since his death, however, she has been living alone and was taken advantage of by a family member who depleted her finances.

To help

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A neighbor soon realized that Angela did not have money to provide for even her most basic needs. Thanks to support from her surrounding community, Angela has reached out to a local agency that benefits from the Good Cheer Fund to help provide her with food and other necessities.

Your donation can help assure that Angela and others like her don’t go hungry during this holiday season.

Contributions to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Association for the Blind and Coastal Catholic Charities. Every cent of the money raised goes directly to the agencies as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800.

Donations also may be made in person or online at

For more information, call 937-4831.


Alex Thompson 100.00

Andrew Lowry 100.00

Olivia Johnson 100.00

Kaitlyn Lowry 100.00

A.J. Lowry 100.00

Jamie Lowry 100.00

Laura Ann Johnson 100.00

Danielle Johnson 100.00

Andrea and Jim Lowry 200.00

Team Sinus-MUSC 230.00

Marge Bannon and Steve Poe 100.00

Robert Anderson 100.00

Patricia Stribling 50.00

Paul Palumbo 100.00

Helen and Lawton 100.00

For my good friends Shirley and Milo Fuller from Mary LaBoone 15.00

Rick and Ann Miller 100.00

The Lynch Cracraft Wealth Management Group from Raymond James/Morgan Keegan 500.00

Bill Whitfield of Diamond Heroes and Marcy Betzer of Anima Productions 300.00

Thomas Lockyer 100.00

Francis and Carolyn Carrese 75.00

Graham and Sara Brough 250.00

Edward and Kathleen Galto 50.00

Joyce and William Evans 100.00

In thanksgiving for my wonderful children, grandchildren and my dear husband 20.00

North Myrtle Beach Festival of Men - South Annex 50.00

Bethany United Methodist Jennings Bible Class 50.00

Evelyn Berner 100.00








Roger and Lois Byrd 100.00

Charleston Area Appraisals: Trey, Gary, Robert, Mark, Michael and David 100.00

Chapman Company 250.00


Baby Andrew, our parents and loved ones 100.00

Ben and Jeanne 400.00

Lucy Foster Gaillard, J. Palmer Gaillard Jr., Henrietta F. Gaillard and W.T. Tamsberg 50.00

Martha M. Withrock 100.00

Twitty Meyer from Chris Grossman 50.00

George Wohlleben 50.00

Frank Blacklocke, William and Dorothy McMahon and Mark Brandenburg 50.00

Amy Tennant, our beloved daughter and sister 25.00

My cousins James H. (Jimmy) Small and Charlotte W. Small 500.00

Leigh Anne Prevatte 1,000.00

Our parents Lucretia and Chet Nowak and Evelyn and Dixon Hardy 50.00

My husband Halvor B. Svendsen, Aunt Resa and Uncle Virgil 20.00

Departed Brothers of Orange Charles Towne Lodge #14 25.00

Loved ones of the Wilkes and Missel families 50.00

Vera and Leonard Cuzzell Jr. 25.00

Marie and Charles Cuzzell Sr. 25.00

Barbara Grandin from Hope and Jay 100.00

Confederate Dead from Banjo 50.00

Capt. W.B. “Mash” Seabrook and his wife Mrs. Mary Seabrook 50.00

Baron Ashley Rhett and Bronco Billy, two Spaniel dogs by C.C.S. 15.00

Mary Frances Ott from The Summersett Family 50.00

Two good friends Capt. R.C. “Rusty” Mitchum and Capt. Geo. Furman Baggott by C.C.S. 25.00

“Tugboat Men” Capt. John Jackson, Capt. Olin Jackson, Capt. Ernest Baggott, Capt. John S. Waters, Ch. Eng. Cleo Summersett, Ch. Eng. Calvin Summersett, Ch. Eng. Samuel T. “Jackie” Jackson and Ch. Eng. Henry Sistare 50.00

Posey, Dick, Julia, Edward and John Luther from Dicky, Beth, Charles and Sarah 100.00

Charleston furniture maker E.H. Boyd Smith and his grandson Phillip Boyd Smith 25.00

Catherine and Julian Brandt Jr. from Cathy 100.00

Friends gone on: Michael Storen, Steve Attaway, Frank Rhett, Salley Hollings, Stewart Walker, Stuart Barnwell, David Hewitt, Neal Baker, Tersh Lynch and Harold Newton from CT 20.12

Homey and Foxy 25.00

Our granddaddy Roy L. Stewart from Chip and Ellie Hatcher 50.00

Our parents Jake and Pauline Teaster and Wesley Lucas 100.00

Tiger 30.00

Our parents Grady and Louise Lancaster and Robert and Lillian Clements 50.00

Todd Joseph Carter, our awesome son and brother with love from Debbie and James and Jared and Chad Carter 200.00

My mother Adele Kornhauser 50.00

Elizabeth and Wm. Ivey Farmer 35.00

William A. McLees 100.00

Baxter, Foxy, BB and Sattie 100.00

William Chamberlain 50.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $8,330.12

PREVIOUS TOTAL $117,606.96

YEAR TO DATE $125,937.08

LAST YEAR TO DATE $140,260.79