Angela is a single mother of two learning-disabled sons, ages 6 and 10. She has been raising them on her own with no child support, and her sole source of income is from baby-sitting.

To help

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She was hospitalized with heart problems in July, which brought her income down to zero for a while. To keep afloat, she took out loans and has contacted a Good Cheer Fund agency for assistance with her electric bills and food.

Your generous contribution can help Angela, her children and others like them keep warm and fed this holiday season.

Since 1927, donations to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry during the holiday season. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Association for the Blind, Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Carolina Youth Development Center, Coastal Catholic Charities and the Lowcountry Food Bank. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at

For more information, call 937-4831.


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