Gov. Nikki Haley retains strong support among South Carolina’s Republicans but has not done much to increase her support outside that group, a new poll shows.

A new Winthrop poll of 929 South Carolinians found that 42.4 percent of its registered voters disapproved of her job performance to date, while 40 percent approved.

However, the poll found 61.5 percent of Republican voters like the way she’s doing her job, while only 19.5 percent do not.

Haley spokesman Rob Godfrey said today the governor is in governing mode, not political mode. “The most notable thing in the poll was that South Carolinians are starting to feel better about the local economy and the direction of our state,” he said. “That’s good news, and it’s well-deserved, because we’re coming out of the recession very strongly.”

About 49 percent of respondents said South Carolina’s economic condition is getting better, while 32 percent said it’s getting worse. About 18 percent said they weren’t sure.

The poll showed that 48 percent of South Carolina residents approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance, while 42 percent did not. However, if the sample includes only registered voters, then 49 percent disapproved while only 43 percent approved. Obama lost this state to Republican Mitt Romney by a 55-44 margin.

Only 6 percent of those polls identified themselves as members of the tea party movement, lower than in previous Winthrop polls.

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