A judge added another $75,000 onto arson suspect Kenneth Boone’s $225,000 bail as he was formally charged today with setting a December 2010 blaze on Montagu St.

Boone, a 55-year-old carpenter, did not speak to the charges during a brief court appearance by video conferencing. His attorney, David Aylor, cautioned people to withhold judgment on his client while police continue their investigation into a string of more than 80 suspicious fires dating back more than a decade.

Aylor said he’s still researching the evidence against his client but his main goal at this point is to get Boone out of jail so he can care for his two parents. Boone, he said, is the primary caretaker for his 95-year-old father and his mother, who is a double amputee.

The affidavit in the case states that an informant told investigators that Boone solicited his cooperation in setting a fire at 48 Montagu St. on Dec. 10, 2010 so that he could profit from the repairs afterward.

The informant recounted how they went to the home that night and parked one block away to avoid waking anyone up. Boone allegedly told the informant that he was going to “make some work” at the home.

The informant said he acted as a lookout while Boone walked off with a jug full of gasoline. He came back a short time later and said “we’ve got to get out of here,” according to the affidavit. The informant told police that Boone later secured the repair job after the fire.

Investigators with the Peninsula Fire Arson Task Force announced Boone’s arrest yesterday at City Hall in downtown Charleston.

Charleston County deputies have charged him in connection with arsons in Hollywood in August and September of this year and the fire at 48 Montagu St. in Charleston, Police Chief Greg Mullen said.

Boone has a lengthy criminal record, with convictions for marijuana possession, grand larceny, criminal domestic violence and receiving stolen goods, according to State Law Enforcement Division records.