Frances L. Condon, Charleston

Third place (2 of 4)

Honorable mentions

There is a special person in my neighborhood who is one of the most kind, caring and generous with her heart people I have ever known. I am certain my neighbors would agree.

Her name is Reba “Babbie” Langston. I met her 24 years ago when we moved into our home. She immediately greeted us and welcomed us into the neighborhood.

That was just the beginning of what I have seen in this incredible person. Whenever my children or I have needed help, she has been there for us, and for our pets, too!

She has always remembered my children each Christmas with the most thoughtful gift: a special card in which she took the time to hand write words of encouragement, kindness and love she had for us.

It isn’t just to us that she has given so unselfishly. There are all of our other neighbors, too.

There is the elderly neighbor who broke his hip. She jumped right in to tend to his cats and opened her garage door to them and cared for them.

There is another neighbor who was recovering at home after being hospitalized. Ms. Babbie went to the woman’s home each day to bring in her mail and newspaper. She also made sure that the neighbor’s trash container was brought to the street on pickup days and then brought back up to the house. There is another neighbor down the street who recently lost his wife. She comforted him and helped him through his time of grief.

She has given so much love and time to others over the years and has wanted nothing in return. She has a full-time job, but always makes time to help others in need.

Ms. Babbie, thank you from the bottom of my heart!