THE NAME OF THIS BOOK IS SECRET. By Pseudonymous Bosch. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. 384 pages. $7.99.

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“Warning: Do not read beyond this page!”

With this first line you are rocketed into a thrilling and compelling book, the first of five in “The Secret” series. This book is a great mystery that makes you feel like you’re in the book.

The author, Pseudonymous Bosch, tries not to give anything away of the characters by making up fake names.

In this book, you go into a twist-filled journey about Cass and Max-Ernest as they investigate The Symphony of Smells, a dead magician’s journal, his missing brother, and a mad hunt for immortality through synesthesia, a kind of confusion of the senses.

When young survivalist Cass visits her grandfather’s old antique shop, Gloria Fortune, a real estate agent for the dead and the town gossip, comes in with a box known as “The Symphony of Smells.” Cass becomes intrigued by the small vials inside that hold common yet very strong smells.

At school, she meets a determined comedian, Max-Ernest, whose parents could not decide on a name for him, so came up with Max-Ernest. They journey together to find what secrets the magician was holding and why.

You won’t regret starting this book, but you might not believe what your eyes are seeing. It is filled with not only adventures, but word games and anagrams to figure out as well.

Also coming in handy (and sometimes very interesting) are footnotes. So when reading this book, if you find a star next to a word, phrase or sentence, look at the bottom. Toward the very end is an appendix that gives you a definition of a word, or a recipe to something in the story.

This great book is sure to have you searching for the secrets right alongside Cass and Max-Ernest.

River Abedon is a fifth-grader at Sullivan’s Island Elementary. He likes to write stories and poems.